What is on your Spiritual Bucket List

We have all heard of a bucket list. You know the kind. Write down all the things you want to do or have before you leave the earth.

For many, these lists seem impossible, or they create a stress because we don’t know how to get to do the things that we would really like to do. For others, their life is about only enjoying the moments when they are doing bucket list activity and items, and not actually enjoying the everyday moments of living. Always striving, always chasing. Never appreciating the here and now.

Don’t get me wrong. I think having a bucket list is a good idea, having something to look forward to and work towards. But the real key is to enjoy the moments in between. To be resent and witness the beauty in the mundane. That is true living.

I attended a seminar several years ago, and the speaker (Travis Bell) had an acronym to use as a bucket list guide His intention was to have a list that nurtured your mind, body & spirit. It got me thinking about what is our Spiritual Bucket List. Who do we want to become?

Below is his version of his Bucket List guide – I have then included my thoughts about the Inner Journey underlined and in brackets(_). Lets not only write our bucket list of what we want to do, but also on who we want to be and who you are becoming.

M = Meet a personal Hero (Meet and appreciate your Inner Hero)

Y = Your Proudest Moment (What do you what to be most proud of and make that happen)

B = Buy that something Special (Buy something that speaks of your souls evolution)

U = Ultimate Challenge (To become the most authentic version of yourself)

C = Conquer a Fear (Become fearless and step into your full potential)

K = Kind acts for Others (Find the Joy in giving and do it daily)

E = Express Yourself (Share yourself authentic self and your message)

T = Take Lessons (Learn to be all you can be)

L = Leave a Legacy (What do you want to be remembered for and live into that every day)

I = Idiotic Stuff (Have fun, be Spontaneous. Enjoy the Journey)

S = Satisfy a Curiosity (Be curious about everything, especially your own potential)

T = Travel (Have adventures that nurture your mind, body and spirit)

Imagine if you actually focused on these inner qualities every day. If you chose the inner journey instead of the insatiable wanting of external desires. Lets face it, once we have achieved the external desire, a new desire takes it place so we are always wanting more which causes us to feel unsatisfied and to constantly be focused on the future.

How much more fulfilled would you be if you lived in this very moment, to find your true potential and be courageous enough to live from that place. If you let go of the limiting beliefs that keep you small. To be fully self expressed, fully connected to yourself and others.

This is the purpose of life, not just to have or do, but to become.

So I encourage you to think about your Spiritual Bucket List. Spend some time thinking about the inner journey and on becoming exactly who you were created to be. The world needs you to stand in your power, to express yourself fully and share your unique wisdom. Your voice is so very important to us. Shine your beautiful light and illuminate the path for others and have fun.

You have what it takes to make a difference. For the sake of all of us, Don’t play small.

With Love & Light


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