What If Tomorrow Didn’t Come

Hello Beautiful Soul,

What if tomorrow was cancelled ? What if tomorrow didn’t come ?

You see, we live as though tomorrow is guaranteed, but in truth it is not guaranteed for any of us. Our whole world can change in a heartbeat. I am not trying to be negative, or to make you sad, rather just the opposite, I want to remind you of what is truly important.

If today was the last day you had. What would actually matter ?

How would you choose to live it ?

Who would you choose to be ?

How would you choose to love ?

Who would you choose to spend time with ?

What would you choose to do

Why is it that we put off the things that are most important ? We put work before our family. We put cleaning the house before connecting. We put business before our loved ones. We put striving before our inner Peace. We put self protection and fear before love.

If today was our last day, I would love enormously. The only thing that would matter is spending time with the people I love and doing what inspires me. Everything else would fall away.

So I want to challenge you to LIVE everyday as if it were your last.

When you are with people you care about, actually be present focusing on them in their entirety. Not thinking about what you should have done yesterday or what must do later or tomorrow, But actually just be there with them 100% in the moment.

Love with all your heart, with your every fibre, no holding back, .

Listen fully to understand, give your full undivided attention, be curious.

Spend your time focusing on what makes your heart sing and then DO IT.

Give your self permission to sit still and appreciate the beauty all around you.

Let go of fear, or whatever holds you back and Jump into what inspires you.

Live every moment with passion, with connection, and most of all with LOVE.

Have no regrets, because when your last day arrives, you will know that you have truly lived, laughed and LOVED.

With Love & Light


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