What Do You Bring About ?

Hello Beautiful Soul,

What you Think About, or Feel About is what you Bring About.

In our Sacred Mornings, we have been discussing the implications of our thoughts and feelings while studying The Course in Miracles.

In truth it doesn’t matter if you have studied the Course in Miracles, or the Bible. Or if you practice Buddhism, have a Yoga practice or study Philosophy, If you’ve watched The Secret or believe in Karma. Even Science confirms it.

They all lead to the same point. That our thoughts create our reality.

All of these great practices and many more, teach us that what we put out into the world is what we get back from it.

It doesn’t matter if we are thinking about what we want or more importantly, thinking about what we don’t want. If we are spending time and energy thinking the thought, then the universe will bring it to pass. It basically says “Your wish is my Command”.

We have to be so very careful of what thoughts we are having. Often we spend time and energy thinking about what we don’t want. We invest our emotions into what we don’t want. We speak about it to others, we pray or meditate on it. And by doing this, we are calling the very thing we don’t want into our reality.

I am often surprised at how this works, and I am sure you’ve had similar experiences. When I think about someone, they call me. Or if I need a particular service or recommendation, someone will mention it to me. Recently I was talking about wanting to learn about Boundaries, within 48 hours, three different people recommended a specific book and author.

If it works with these minor things, how much more to the major things in our life. This is why we keep re-creating the same patterns. We keep having the same kind of relationships. Keep having the same result with jobs. Keep having the same abusive people in our life. Keep having the same health issues and the list goes on and on.

So if you don’t like what is happening in your life. Then spend time learning how to change your thoughts.

I encourage you to take a challenge. Try it for 4 weeks and see what shows up.

Monitor your thoughts carefully. Hold your negative thoughts hostage, eliminate thinking about what you don’t want and spend all of your precious time, energy and emotions thinking about what you do want. See what happens.

If you need some inspiration around your thoughts, Join us in our Sacred Mornings or Our Afternoon Top Ups. Here we are setting our intentions on “WHAT WE DO WANT”.

With love and light.


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