Connecting With Your True Essence

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Connecting With Your True Essence

Connecting with your True Essence relies in part on how well connected you are with you intuition. It is natural to feel like you aren’t intuitive. Most people never give it a second thought, to be honest. Worse yet, in our fast-paced modern society, it has never been easier to lose your connection with intuition, and even a true sense of who you are.

Why Do We Lose Touch with Intuition?

Past Failures

Past failures and mistakes are some of the quickest ways to lose faith in your intuition. Think about it, if you trusted your gut instinct and it ended up being wrong – would you trust it the next time?

No one goes through life mistake or failure-free, so it is impossible to expect our intuition to be fail-proof. This is especially true if you haven’t given your intuition much thought at all.

Past failures and mistakes shouldn’t make you give up on intuition because they are nothing more than chances to learn and grow.


Depression is a serious issue for many people. While losing your ability to be intuitive is probably low on its list of negative effects, it still matters. Studies have shown that depressed individuals have difficulties coming to fast and adaptive decisions.

Quick note – if you feel like you might be suffering depression, reach out to a professional. Depression is not something to take lightly.



Anxiety is another condition that can make almost any action in your life into a serious hurdle. Much like depression, anxiety can negatively impact our ability to make intuitive decisions. This makes sense in some ways because it’s hard to make snap decisions when you are anxious about everything.

Much like depression, serious anxiety is not something to shrug off. Reach out to a professional (or at least a trusted loved one) if you feel anxiety affects your daily activities.

Modern Distractions

We live in an unbelievably fast-paced world filled with distractions. Intuition relies on connecting with something deeper inside us (be it our past experiences or a mysterious power). That connection can be near impossible when you have your TV blaring, three social media apps open, and a constant deluge of texts, calls, and emails.

If you live in a city, sometimes even stepping out onto your balcony for a bit of peace is ruined by screeching tires, loud arguments, and light pollution.

It’s hard to center yourself and listen to your inner voice when dealing with this kind of distraction.


Much like a distraction, stress will sap your ability to think intuitively. It’s very hard to focus on your inner voice and gut instincts when you are too worried about the rest of the issues in your life. In a funny twist, though, there are some theories that stress can trigger intuitive decisions.

Worrying About Other People’s Opinions

While it is nice to be courteous about other people’s feelings and opinions, it can be debilitating if you choose to live by them. Some of us tend to let our personal beliefs and well-being be pushed to the back, so we don’t “stick out” or “offend” someone.

Consider this – have you ever told someone about a gut instinct you were feeling, and they scoffed at you? It happens all the time! People don’t like to think about things they can’t understand.

Intuition is very personal, and if you are too worried about what other people think about it (or you), you might lose touch with it.

When you’ve lost touch with your intuition or inner guidance, it affects how you view yourself, the world, and how you live your life. When this happens, you might find yourself turning to outside sources for information. Some will turn to institutions, authorities, other experts, psychics or astrologers.


How Astrology Offers Guidance in Connecting With Your True Essence

Astrology is an ancient practice that was often used for timing and prediction. In modern days, we can still tap into the cosmic cycles for timing purposes, and we also use the birth chart to gain understanding and self-empowerment.

Our birth chart is our map of life, showing us our strengths, the lessons we need to learn and how to navigate the journey.

The planets, however, are ever moving and therefore impacting our lives from afar. “As above, so below” as the saying goes.

By exploring how the planets are impacting our own birth chart can give us guidance during particular periods in our life, when certain themes come to light.

wise woman Kim Tennant

In this interview with Astrologer Kim Tennant, you’ll discover how astrology also helps with:

  • Connecting with your True Essence through astrology
  • Experiencing more freedom and empowerment
  • Being drawn to a spiritual path
  • Exploring new ways of being
  • Accepting yourself more fully
  • What your astrology chart can tell yourself
  • How you express yourself through your rising sign and various planets
  • Understanding planetary influences
  • Working with new moon and full moon energies
  • How energetics ebb and flow

Kim has been teaching and consulting astrology for over 20 years and loves to help women connect with their true essence, which allows them the freedom to be themselves. Watch on YouTube or tune-in on the Podcast. You are also welcome to join her Astrology for Guidance Tribe, part of the SacredU.Love Community.

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Jennifer RegularKnown as, “The Soul Illuminator”, Jennifer Regular specializes in helping Thought Leaders, Creatives and Visionaries direct the life they live so they can create global impact, make the impossible possible, and fulfill their life mission. She is an International Speaker, Author of Embrace Your Power: A Healing Journal of Self-Discovery, and Podcast Host. https://linktr.ee/lighting.the.path

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