10 Ways to Reclaim the Lost Art of Women’s Intuition

logic and intuition

While women have become political leaders, ministers, bosses, CEOs and in many cases sole providers and taken more and more away from home and garden, masculine energy has become dominant. This has created an imbalance leading to the lost art of “women’s intuition”.

Rediscover the Lost Art of Women’s Intuition

In many cases women have become more driven than receptive, more out to meet the needs of others and fight for their right to be in the world, rather than being nurturing or guided by maternal instincts and naturally heightened intuition.

Of course, this does not mean women should be quiet and at home doing the cooking, cleaning and caring, rather than in the office or in board meetings. It just means in all the fight and striving to become more “equal”, masculine and feminine qualities in one’s psyche may have become imbalanced.

A “woman’s intuition” is said to be stronger than a man’s intuition and as Dr. Michelle Martin found in one study using MRI scans, men are hardwired to be more logical while women are more hardwired to be more intuitive.

Women may be susceptible to hiding this trait in the workforce or business world to avoid being seen as too sensitive, emotional or irrational.  And yet, using her intuition along with rational thought, can be the best source of power for making key decisions. Intuition gives us clues to know whether is something right or wrong, for men this is felt more as a gut feeling, and for women it’s more of a knowing. The use of keen observation skills can be very effective in many positions, particularly where vetting, profiling or investigating is concerned, as women are strong in picking up social cues and reading body language. We don’t want to lose that by dismissing it. To understand intuition, it’s also important to understand masculine and feminine energy.

What’s the Difference Between Masculine and Feminine Energy?

As you can see from the image below, masculine energy tends to be more achieving, doing, purpose-driven and feminine energy tends toward vision, creativity and living for joy. Both are excellent forces to draw on, and one does not need to exclude the other. In fact, bringing these different energetics together can really help you thrive, without burning out.

masculine and feminine energies
Photo credit: Carla Howell

So how can women restore their masculine and feminine balance and come into alignment of this Divine Union? Read on for some ideas to get you started on reclaiming your feminine power.

10 Ways to Reclaim Your Feminine Power 

  1. Create conscious connection with your divine feminine nature. Join one of our Tribes!

  2. Set a clear intention for your day.  What quality do you want to bring into how you approach what’s ahead of you?

  3. Know that it is okay to be both strong and vulnerable at the same time.

  4. Allow some time for “softening”.  Relax into your being.  Melt into the arms of a loved one. Sit in a warm drawn bath of bubbles.  Apply essential oils with a self-masage that soothe your body, mind and soul.

  5. Spend quality time with children or animals.

  6. Create something beautiful. This could be a painting, a flower arrangement, or a meal for yourself/family for example.

  7. Journal your thoughts, feelings, and inspired ideas, rather than constantly adding to your to-do list.

  8. Take your work breaks and use them for walking or sitting among the trees, mountains, water, or open space.

  9. Check your pulse, notice your breath. Make sure you are not holding your breath on the ready for the next thing that might fall into your lap.

  10. Gather with other women and share sisterhood or ceremony.

As you move toward balancing these energies you move toward greater health, harmony and freedom. Allowing spirituality in your life leads to an increased sense of self-fulfillment, contentment and deep sense of belonging. Rediscover the lost art of women’s intuition.

  Confident Woman with moon About the Author Jennifer Regular is a Soul-Centred Empowerment Coach at Lighting the Path helping Multi-passionate Entrepreneurs find focus on their soul’s path and align with their vision to fulfill their mission. Get your free guide to living with passion and purpose here.

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