The Exercise


An Introduction

This is a very powerful audio meditation that we know can be life transforming.

At SacredU.Love, we believe that each and every one of us, has the desire to be more than who we currently are.

The Exercise is about you connecting to your Higher Self, so, allow us to start by introducing you to who your Higher Self is not. 

Who Your Higher Self is NOT!

Often today, we refer to the Higher Self as our “God Spirit” or one of our “Guardian Angels” etc. 

In other words, we refer to our Higher Self as someone or something that is external to our self.

That is not the kind of Higher Self I am referring to here.

We often mistake the “Negative Chatter” that constantly invades our mind as our Higher Self speaking to us. 

Example of this might be: Your stupid, your wrong, you always screw up…. and the thousands of other things our Negative Chatter continually tells us.

This also is not your Higher Self. These are your trained negative beliefs or statements given to you by yourself or others and overtime we have come to believe them as our truth. They are not.

Also, our Higher Self has nothing to do with our “Ego” Our Higher Self does not care about: how tall you are, how pretty you are, how much you weigh, how likeable you are.

Who our Higher Self IS!

Your Higher Self is simply your truth of who you innately are, and you will meet your Higher Self on this journey.

After you go on your Journey of experiencing The Exercise, 

we would like to invite you to find out who Our Sacred Community is.


Our Sacred Community is a global community of men & women whom you may never meet in person, 

but may form a deep and meaningful relationship with.


Our Sacred Community offers you a place where you feel welcomed and valued, and where you will get to meet a wonderful group of like-minded women, make new friends, share information & special moments.


We do hope your journey of The Exercise  & Our Sacred Community will be as deep and enlightening as possible.

We look forward to meeting you one day soon.

With Love and Kindness

Sophia, Kim and the SacredU.Love Team


Its a Journey of Love  – Self Love