Service Provider Events

1. How to Take Control of Clutter

Time Zone: Los Angeles, PT

 April 25th at 4pm PT

Time Zone: Sydney, AEST
April 26th at 9am AEST

2. Transform Stress
with Mind-Body Solutions

Timezone: GMT
April 27th at 8.00-9.15 am

Timezone: AEST
 April 27th at 6.00-7.15pm

3. Conquer Anxiety: Understand, Reduce, Prevent!

Timezone: GMT
May 4th at 8.00-9.15am

Timezone: AEST
 May 4th at 6.00-7.15pm


4. Strategies for Preventing Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

Timezone: GMT
May 7th at 8.00-9.15am

Timezone: AEST
May 7th at 6.00-7.15pm


5. Essential Self-Care: Mastering Burnout Prevention and Recovery

Timezone: GMT
May 11th at 8.00-9.15am

Timezone: AEST
 May 11th at 6.00-7.15pm


6. Master Your Mind,
Defeat Negative Thoughts

Timezone: GMT
May 18th at 8.00-9.15am

Timezone: AEST
 May 18th at 6.00-7.15pm