Are You Making Time To Self-Nurture?


Making Time To Self-Nurture

Some people often confuse self-nurture with self-indulgence and this comparison is not accurate. Psychotherapist Leon F. Seltzer Ph.D. suggests that unlike self-indulgence, which focuses on instant gratification, self-nurture is about taking care of ourselves in a healthy constructive way.

Self-nurture revolves around taking care of ourselves in a loving and respectful way. The ultimate aim is to feel calm, peaceful, happier, healthier, and better in general. It is not about a short term need to feel good but rather a longer lived feeling of well-being.

What Are the Benefits of Self-Nurture?

Self-nurture is essentially the same as self-compassion which according to Harvard Health has a number of important benefits. It revolves around taking care of our emotions, forgiving ourselves when we make mistakes and allowing ourselves the chance to be happy.

The benefits of nurturing ourselves can include:

  • Decrease in anxiety and depression
  • Better success in relationships
  • Improved well-being
  • General improved satisfaction with life
relationship success We can all too often rely on others to nurture us and this often does not produce healthy results. It can leave our self-worth dependent on the opinions and whims of others. In the process we can begin to lose the things that are most important to us. This does not mean we do not accept nurture from those we love, only that we also must care for ourselves as well.

How To Self-Nurture

Researcher in physical and mental limitations Dr. Jeremy Sutton, PhD believes in the effectiveness of a tool known as the Self-Care Wheel. This is a graphic which lists certain important self-care elements in connection with the six main aspects of our lives.

These six aspects are: physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, personal, and professional so a lot to consider when it comes to our overall and optimal well-being!

There are many methods for self-nurture to assist in improving your quality of life in all aspects which can include:

Healthy Practices: Eating well and getting regular exercise can give a boost to you both physically and mentally Plenty of Rest: Ensuring you get sufficient sleep, take regular time off work, and find times for relaxing practices is good for our emotional, physical, and personal well-being. Self-Awareness: Getting in touch with our inner self through self reflection and journaling can help us be more aware of our personal needs, beliefs, and values. Release your Creative Side: Enjoying or taking part in artistic endeavors such as music, dance, art, or photography can be very healing. It allows us to express ourselves, find calm and relieve stress. Boost Yourself: Our emotional health can be boosted by self-forgiveness, recognition of our positives and improving our social interactions. Doing things that support positive emotions is essential in self-nurture. parachute boost Find Inner Peace: Practicing mindful activities such as meditation and yoga is a great way to connect with our spiritual well-being. Those with deep religious beliefs can place more focus on mindful prayer and reconnecting with their faith. Plan your Future: Improve your personal well-being by getting connected to your prospects and future. Assess your strengths, goals, and aims for the future. Use self-nurture to build confidence to allow yourself to set new goals and aims in life. Set Work Life Balance: Self-nurture can be used to improve your professional life. This is achieved by creating a reasonable work life balance. Do not allow work to burn you out and damage your personal life. This will help make you a better and happier employee.

Final Thoughts

There are so many ways we can practice self-nurture and they can all be beneficial in their own ways. This is why we must make it a priority to find time for self care. It can improve every aspect of our life and help make us stronger and happier individuals. Would you like that?

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