Recognizing Self-Denial

Recognizing self-denial shines light on a maladaptive coping mechanism that appears to help us manage our insecurities, fear, or anxiety. Or perhaps even underlying shame. It can show up as Imposter Syndrome, false fronts, or as an attempt to control unwanted emotions. Self-awareness is a journey of courage to notice what is going on within you in all levels of being. Such as, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. It also involves getting to know yourself really, really well. That is, ALL parts of you. Even the ones you prefer not to see or consciously choose to keep hidden. Those darker, shadowing parts need to be brought to light so they can either dissolve in it, or grow brighter from it. It’s one aspect of recognizing when you are in self-denial. doormat saying love yourself   Other ways you might recognize self-denial is when you engage is busy-ness to avoid other issues. It could also be self-sacrificing to please others so you don’t lose their approval or respect. Self-denial also shows up in addictive behaviours such as drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, or emotional eating. Self-denial serves to protect you, your sense of control, and emotional state. It can seem like a natural response to stress. However, it also inhibits true deep connection to yourself and others. It slows down your ability to become self-realized. Self-denial suppresses recovery, healing and living your full potential. It dis-empowers you from fully realizing what you are actually capable of handling or able to confront. Self-denial can hold you back from fully being who you are and doing what you came here to do. Recognizing self-denial, also shines light on where you might be self-sacrificing. In this way, self-denial becomes an act of denying your own wishes, needs, and desires. Putting off what brings you joy, happiness, and deep life satisfaction does not serve for a fulfilling life. That’s why it is important to start recognizing when you are in self-denial. hope and dreams The very word denial has been quoted as an acronym for, “Don’t even notice I am lying”. Yes, that means if you are in denial, then you are lying to yourself. So the first question to ask yourself is, where am I not being “real”? Another question might be, “how might I be lying to myself?” You could also ponder, “What parts of me have I been hiding and why?” Who are you trying to protect yourself from is another useful inquiry. When have you played small or not fully expressed your needs, thoughts or beliefs? Where do you tend to practice self-denial the most? At work, at home, among certain people? Taking time to ponder this leads to greater self-awareness and embraces your power to heal and step more fully into wholeness. Allow your whole Being to emerge. This is a great act of self-love, and allows you to radiate authentic empowerment. transformation It also clears the way for you to more fully embody your potential. On the Awaken and Ascend podcast you get to meet transformational experts who can help you step into a fuller expression of who you are. They share strategies to help you gain insight. Spiritual Change Makers, Conscious Leaders, Wellness Advocates, Healers and Lightworkers show you how to elevate your mind, body, life and business. There are also many books on this topic that may inspire you. You can also join in any of the panel discussions in the Inspire, Innovate and Ignite-Conversations that Count. In this series you get to elevate your conscious awareness. Engage with others who have been through what you have, and have come out from the other side of it. Feel empowered again. You deserve to live a full and happy life! healing Blog Contributor Jennifer-Regular Known as, “The Soul Illuminator”, Jennifer Regular uses her incredible sense of intuition and insight to guide purpose-driven entrepreneurs to focus on the difference they want to make in alignment with their Soul Calling, while effectively managing their time and energy to prevent overwhelm.

Jennifer is an Inspirational Speaker, Author of Embrace Your Power: A Healing Journal of Self-Discovery, and Host of the Awaken & Ascend Podcast.

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