Reflection. you are Wanted by the Universe.

Reach out! Because you might not think you are needed, but you are wanted. Wanted by the Universe, wanted by your own Dream.

This is your reality and so you shall live. If you think you are powerless, you are needless or you are wrong, that is the vibration you are putting out there and the one you will receive for you to explore. When you are ready, and you open your eyes, you will realize everything you put out there you get back.

So if you want to be respected, respect yourself. If you want to be celebrated, honour yourself first. Honour the gift of Life and make sure, with awareness, you shine your light bright. Not necessarily for you, but for others to see.

Because in this path to Enlightenment, you are the light for others to see. If you can’t reach out to them, then let them know, through your example, how things can be. That you are still human and you are raw. You have your good and your bad days and you swing from one South extreme to North.

The thing is, we are not perfect. Neither you nor me. And who would want to be anyways?

The trick to balance, the trick to life is expecting the unexpected and knowing that in doing the process you get where God wants you to go. By working on your balance you get that result. It doesn’t mean you will get there, it simply means you are being it by doing the thing. Do you get it? Do you see what I mean?

If you want to be a Doctor, the process is the gift and not the end result. In order to be a Doctor you need to become one with the flow. Respecting and following the process, you will get to the result. If you want to do yoga, you have to do yoga. If you want to be rich, you have to become rich. What I’m saying is simple, yet hard to conceive.

Whatever you want to be, you have to be it. This means that you become it whilst being in it-whilst being in the process of becoming the experience, adjective or thing.

If you want to be wealthy, you have to become wealth. This means putting your mind and heart and acting as if I Am. I am wealthy, I am rich. Embodying what you say you want to be!

So now, what is it that you want to be?! You will see in the world the reflection of your inner vibrational being.

Do you want to be a Doctor or a lawyer, a surgeon or a clairvoyant? Do you want to be a mother or a good listener, to you want to be heard or earn somebody’s respect?

It is never in the hands of the other person! Your worth comes from within! Let them judge you with their limitations – that is for them to learn to see.

Today I wanted to be a great mother, so I got out of bed and I became it! No feelings, no expectations. Just flowing with the process of being it. I empowered myself because I wanted to be seen and even took pictures of my kids. So I immersed myself in the process of being a mum, until I became it

So whatever it is you want to be, stop putting it onto the other person and start showing to yourself that you can be what you say you want to be!

Remember, it is in the process. Everything comes from within!

Much love, A. Nostraamandamus


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