004. Who Would You Be Without Your Story?

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May 13th at 6.00-7.00pm PT

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 Who Would You Be Without Your Story?

Have you ever wondered how much of your life is shaped by the stories you tell yourself?
Join us for an enlightening panel discussion where four inspiring individuals will share their journeys of self-discovery and transformation.


✨ How the stories we believe about ourselves influence our choices, relationships, and life paths.

✨The power of changing these narratives to unlock new possibilities and personal growth.


✨ From real-life experiences about the impact of letting go of limiting beliefs.

✨ Practical tips on how to rewrite your story for a more fulfilling life.


✨Gain insights into finding your true self beyond the confines of past narratives.

✨Be inspired to embark on your own journey of change and self-improvement.

 Join us for this soulful exploration into the stories we tell ourselves and how changing them can redefine our lives.
It Is not just a discussion –
it’s a step towards your own personal transformation.

Let us uncover together, ‘Who Would You Be Without Your Story?’



Kim Neil

For the previous 20 years, Kim has spent his working life as a Relationship Counsellor.
Kim has a Bachelor of Counselling from The University of New England and his passion is studying & understanding the mind and why we think the way we think.

Kim is also the Co-Creator of Sacred U.

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Heidi Henyon

Heidi loves working with people who are ready to transform personal and generational trauma and learn from past experiences. 

Through this you become your own best friend and create, grow and nurture your wonderful future. 

Heidi is a multi-certified transformational coach, somatic practitioner,

Author, speaker, retreat center owner, grandmother and lover of life.



Sara Roccisano

Sara is the founder of the award-winning travel inspiration site, Embolden Adventures.

Sara is a world-traveling, spiritually transforming, International Public Speaker, Travel Storyteller and Author. She has embarked on adventures worldwide,
from the depths of the oceans to the heights of the mountains and the mysterious megalithic and beyond.

Sara built a 20+ year career in renewable energy/energy infrastructure investments working on Wall Street and beyond.

Over the last 15 years, Sara has been undergoing a broad, spiritual awakening; a seeking of sorts. She has been learning,
enhancing, understanding, and growing her gifts by tapping into the divine and the wild and trusting her heart rather than her engineering brain.

Sara has worked with energy healers; channelers; shamans & medicine people;
priestesses; monks; past life regression facilitators; authors; plant medicine spirits including Mama Ayahuasca, mushroom teachers,
and sacred cannabis; and mother nature herself.

In 2022, she surrendered and walked away from her career and the life she knew in New York City.

Her first book, a travel adventure memoir showcasing her epic trip around the world
and her discoveries of the secrets of the universe through her ayahuasca psychedelic ceremonies, is set to come out in 2024.



Yo Elam 

Yo is a joyful, high-energy, resilient, honest, action taking, never meet a stranger, yolo, life educated, woman.

Yo is the founder and creator of Be Yo-Self Everyday,

an experience that takes high-achieving pre-teens and young adults on a journey  of self-discovery and exploration to prevent them from burning out before adult life even begins by empowering them to become the best version of themselves and live authentically everyday.



 Ange Estes

Ange is a Master Life Coach, Metaphysical Sciences PhD student, and the Creator of the upcoming Personal Development AI,
Comfortzen. Inspired by the love for her late husband and the vow she made to him during his battle with brain cancer,

Ange channels her resilience and passion into fulfilling her personal mission to make humankind – and the world – a better place.

Dedicated to creating transformative experiences,
her journey from loss to empowerment serves as a beacon of hope and perseverance,
inspiring others to navigate their own paths of growth and fulfillment.



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Date: 14May 2024

Start time: 11:00 a.m. AEST

End time: 12:00 p.m. AEST

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004. Who Would You Be Without Your Story?


Timezone: /Los Angeles, PT 
May 13th at 6.00-7.00pm PT

Timezone: Sydney, AEST
May 14th at 11.00am-12.00pm AEST