Vibration Breakthrough Coaching Sessions


Law of Attraction Life Coaching – Support For Navigating Through Barriers That Have Limited You To Finally Living The Dreams Of Your Heart.

Vibration Breakthrough Coaching Sessions

Manifesting, in theory, should be easy. It’s a relatively simple process. And, after all, we are all inherently powerful creators! But we need to be able to steer our Innate Creative Ability in the direction of our dream, and that’s not as easy as it sounds – When you have an internal voice that whispers something like – “You don’t deserve that – you’re not good enough” – putting limits around what you consider is possible for you.

Or when you have struggles going on in your life that trigger stress, erratic emotions or feelings of powerlessness.
Or when you’re surrounded by negative people and fear-instilling news.
Or you simply don’t know what it is you want – leaving you feeling ‘lost in a mist’.
And in the meantime, all of the above is messing with you at that all-important vibrational level that is so necessary to the manifesting process!

Welcome to Heart Smiles! I am Grace Heart. As a Law of Attraction Life coach, I offer assistance with your Creative Journey and all things Manifesting!
In your 1 to 1 coaching sessions with me, you will be:
⭐️ painting a clear vision of your dream and setting it up for success
⭐️ drawing on my knowledge of the Law of Attraction and the manifesting elements
⭐️ gaining empowering tools and strategies that will up-level and stabilise your vibration

Using my heart-centred and gentle approach, I will help you navigate through the barriers that have limited you and kept the dreams-of-your-heart, out in that previously ‘unreachable’ place – so you can finally live them!! …Enter a happier, lighter, brighter and more empowered version of you!!

You are welcome to book a FREE – no obligation – POSSIBILITIES Dream-it Session to explore your life when you & your dream are vibrationally aligned & unstoppable!


60 minute Discovery Session – Complementary
60 minute Coaching Session – AUD$145.00
6 Vibration Breakthrough sessions AUD$750
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Grace Heart
Grace Heart
Law of Attraction Coach

About Grace Heart 

Grace is a Law of Attraction Life coach. She supports those wanting to intentionally manifest the dreams of their heart but struggle with things undermining this such as:
⭐️ An internal voice that whispers something like – “You don’t deserve that – you’re not good enough” – placing limits around what they consider is possible for them.
⭐️ Or are undergoing life-struggles and that trigger stress, erratic emotions, or feelings of powerlessness.
⭐️ Or simply don’t know what it is they want – and feeling that they’re ‘lost in a mist’.

A compassionate nurturer at heart, Grace loves to help those caught in frustrating traps to navigate through their limiting barriers so they can finally live out their dreams – unstoppably!!
Grace loves to help others to move out of feelings of stuck-ness or emotional pain because of the effect it has on their own light, vibration & wellbeing that then serves the good of all!


Life Coaching 1V, Life Coaching Institute Law of Attraction Life Coaching Certification, Quantum Success Coaching Academy
Love & Authenticity Practitioner training.