Tune Ups for Body, Mind and Spirit

For Those Who Seek To Relieve Muscular Pain From Stress, Injury, Emotions Or Other Causes.

💜 ET Timezone

 Every Two Weeks on a Tuesday
Time: 6.00 pm to 7.00 pm ET

💜 AEST Timezone

Every Two Weeks on a Wednesday
Time: 8.00am to 9.00am

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Tune Ups for Body, Mind and Spirit

♀️♂️ Welcome to “Tune Ups for Body, Mind and Spirit” Tribe! 🎉

This Tribe benefits those who seek to receive, or provide, relief from muscular pain that may originate from stress, injury, emotions or other causes. Everyone welcome.

If you’re a body therapist your experience, wisdom and contributions will be valued here.
You’ll also gain insights and methods that efficiently and effectively:
💜 release pain
💜 decrease tension
💜 increase strength
💜 improve physical coordination
💜 enhance physical function
💜 extend flexibility
💜 and raise vitality for your clients

If you are seeking efficient methods to help yourself, then you will enjoy Muscle Tuning™ that blends science with energy-healing concepts along with other approaches members bring to the group.
Discussions, demonstrations and sharing is always encouraged.
We want to know what works for you, how it works, and together spread the word about emerging healing approaches that make observable, positive differences!

Join us to grow in wellness!


HOST: Denise Cambiotti

With 20+ years of experience and international qualifications, Denise Cambiotti created a system called Muscle Tuning™ and the Muscle Tuner® Specialist trademark. This system removes stress and pain from muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia along with unresolved emotional baggage that affects physical function.
Denise makes bioenergetic concepts easy to learn, understand and apply. Her blend of knowledge and skills is unique.
Denise founded Muscle Tuners International Inc. in 2017 and currently has customers in four countries.

WEBSITE: http://www.MuscleTuners.Fit