The Magical Playground: Where You Become More YOU

Our Tribe Is A Place Where You Matter And You Belong. You’ll Develop The Courage To Show Up Authentically, Feel Safe To Be Seen For Who You Really Are.

💜 PT Timezone
2nd & 4th Thursday of the Month
Time: 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm

💜 AEDT Timezone
2nd & 4th Friday of the Month
Time: 10.00am to 11.00am

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The Magical Playground: Where You Become More YOU

Hi, I’m Josette and I’m Lisa.
We are tribe co-hosts in the SacredU Community. And today, we’d like to share how you can step into a Magical Playground that allows you to create more freedom and success in your business and life.

Because we know that when you’re actively creative, you develop a space to connect with the Creatrix within which allows your intuition to flourish where authentic answers are more accessible. 

         ⭐️Are you a woman in business who’s dealt with feeling mostly misunderstood all your life?
         ⭐️Maybe you still have the urge to keep quiet and stay hidden or small.
         ⭐️ If you know to your core that now is the time to step into your power and fully express yourself  so you can get your message out to the world then you’ll love what we’re going to share. 

Right now in history, staying silent, small and hiding your truth is no longer an option. 

It’s time to learn to consciously create a reality where you can achieve your dreams.

That’s why we’re so excited about our new sacred gathering space.  In this sacred space it allows you the safety and nurturing support to be witnessed as well as to show up and be there as a witness to others.  We’ve created this space for women in business (whether in a career or as an entrepreneur) where you get to let loose, lighten your burdens, express your message, share your wisdom, be heard and feel seen. 

A place where you matter and you belong. You’ll develop the courage to show up authentically, feel safe to be seen for who you really are and what you’re bringing to the world and create meaningful connections. When you share from your heart you receive validation, a sense of belonging and a feeling that you matter. 

When you’re held in the lightness of joy and play, the energy transports you to a higher frequency where all things are possible. We all seek true connection and you receive that when you show up for yourself and for others in the circle at the Magical Playground Tribe.

         ⭐️ We invite you to join us in the magical playground to create more freedom, empowerment and transformation in a nurturing, supportive sisterhood community.
         ⭐️ Learn to express yourself intuitively and creatively so you can shift out of the density and day to day overwhelm and chaos.
         ⭐️ Learn to tap into the quantum field of all possibilities so you become a pillar of strength in your own life.

When you join us now you’ll get an invitation to our grand opening party and immediately receive a free gift. 

We are also doing a group project. Since this is about increasing self-expression, intuition and your creativity, when you join and are active in the group, you get to participate in the project of creating our Oracle Card Deck. When you join, you’ll learn more about this later.

You’ll also be entered into a special gift bag for a chance to receive gifts including private sessions valued at over 2K.

TRIBE HOSTS: Lisa DePamphilis and Josette Diaz


Lisa DePamphilis helps women come home to their truth,
step into their infinite power & activate their SuperHuman manifesting abilities. As they embody their signature frequency, they open pathways, shift timelines and shine the light on their highest possibilities.

BUSINESS DIRECTORY: Crystal Clear Branding

Josette Diaz is a Guide and Champion for women rediscovering themselves. She teaches Self Mastery through slowing down, listening deeply and connecting within. Most importantly, she guides women to learn how to access their own rhythm.