Sue Rumack

About Sue

Sue wants people to know that she truly loves the work she has been drawn to. She has always been a listener, the person to whom strangers tell their intimate stories. And Sue always wanted to be the solution provider.

She is the life solutions provider! Sue is living her dream, with one exception, she does not fix people anymore, now she teaches them to fix themselves!

Sue’s Coaching Services include:

🌟 One-on-one private coaching for Empath Overwhelm, Shielding and Protection Skills, and Quantum Energy Grounding and Healing.
🌟 Divorce Identity coaching aiding women and men going through the chaos of divorce to rebuild their identity from victim

Sue even does a happy dance around her living room when a coaching client makes a breakthrough and a few weeks later it’s sticking, so their life is changing.

Sue is an artist, author, channeler of angelic messages. She loves to create, it’s what she lives for!


Empath trainer Sue’s purpose and passion is guiding highly sensitive people to redesign extreme sensitivity to the outside world, so they take back control from what has controlled them most of their lives.

Sue’s gift is guiding the most sensitive people on this planet to fix, heal, and save themselves.


🌟 Professional Life Coach. Graduated 2007


 “I couldn’t have gotten through my divorce without you! Sue changed how I believe in myself! I never thought I could love again, but I love myself, and found a new love because I know how! Thank you for giving me my future!”

-Sue’s Divorce Identity client

“I never knew how to protect myself from the pain of living in the world, now I walk freely, enjoying being with people. Working with others at my job was so painful, I needed days to recover, now I come home energized and excited to be with my family! I never thought I could stop being a PTSD victim…. Now, I control the triggers and can enjoy my family and friends. My chronic pain is gone… I’m healing!

-Sue’s Empath Overwhelm clients