Stuart Elliott

About Stuart

Stuart is recognised as a Soul Whisperer.

When you’re feeling stuck or unsure of your direction & dissatisfied with life, you’ll find he’s an amazing listener who can help you connect to your inner self & turn those negative feelings into confidence, clarity of purpose and endless possibility.

He’ll help you Blast-through the Bullshit Barriers that have been holding you back & connect you to your soul message so you can discover how wonderful you really are & enjoy life satisfaction way beyond what you have now.


Stuart says there is no greater joy than feeling the smile that breaks free from someone’s heart when they suddenly realise all the wonderful possibilities that exist for them and the understanding that they can achieve them.

That’s why he does what he does and has a mission to help as many as possible connect to their true greatness.


“Stuart, what he does, he makes sure that you as a person, as an individual and no matter what you do, you have happiness and joy… and he does it in a way that he finds out who you are, your inner self, and picks what needs to get done for you to transform your mindset. He does it in a way that’s just talking… He is an amazing listener… He got inside of me, took out what I needed to hear and fed it back to me very clear and the lightbulb went off.”

– Eddie Sand