005. Stretching Borders: How Far We Are Willing To Extend Our Future Dreams?

Timezone: /New York, ET
May 16th at 9.30-10.30pm ET

Timezone: Sydney, AEST
May 17th at 11.30am-12.30pm AEST



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Get inspired by expert panelists who share innovative,
self-empowerment tips that will enrich your life.

Each intimate group of panelists have been hand-chosen for specific topics to ignite deep conversations amongst guests who join live.

Showing up live is the very best way to not only learn from experts, but to engage in discussions and get your very own questions answered.

This series will help you understand the topics at a deeper level so you become empowered to integrate the tips and discussion elements into your day-to-day life.

  Stretching Borders: How Far We Are Willing To Extend Our Future Dreams?

This will be an odyssey as our thought-leading panelists shake up conventional limits, inviting YOU to contemplate the boundless possibilities that lie on the horizon of your deepest, most private, hidden aspirations.
Our visionaries, futurists, and dreamer panelists explore the very essence of human ambition,
challenging the boundaries that define our future dreams.

We will be challenging the limitless scope of human imagination.

“Stretching Borders” promises to ignite viewers’ curiosity and inspire contemplation about the limitless potential that awaits them.

Join us on Zoom as we collectively ponder the question: How far are we truly willing to stretch the borders of our future dreams?


Sue Rumack

Strategies, Business Charisma, Divorce Identity,

and Personal Elite 1:1 coaching are the 4 pillars on which Sue Rumack’s Overwhelm Coaching Services are built. 

Sue brings her unique blend of sensitivity, real caring to everything she does. 

She’s known for deep listening getting to successful solutions fast.

 Sue is also a channeler, energy healer, published author, speaker, and spiritual artist.  She encourages her clients to live their dream


For more information on Susan Rumack, please click here: https://sacredu.love/product/sue-rumack/

Visit Susan Rumack’s website here:

Sue is also the Host of the ‘Life Force Activators’ Tribe for Sacred U: https://sacredu.love/product/life-force-activators/


Skye Louise 

Skye is a shadow work specialist  she is here to guide you to completely Unfu*k yourself by integrating your shadows,
heal the generational trauma that is keeping you stuck so you can vibrate with confidence & succeed and thrive in life



Sara Roccisano

Sara is the founder of the award-winning travel inspiration site, Embolden Adventures.

Sara is a world-traveling, spiritually transforming, International Public Speaker, Travel Storyteller, and Author.
She has embarked on adventures worldwide,
from the depths of the oceans to the heights of the mountains and the mysterious megalithic and beyond.

Sara built a 20+ year career in renewable energy/energy infrastructure investments working on Wall Street and beyond.
Over the last 15 years,
Sara has been undergoing a broad, spiritual awakening; a seeking of sorts.

Sara has been learning, enhancing, understanding, and growing her gifts by tapping into the divine and the wild and trusting her heart rather than her engineering brain. She has worked with energy healers; channelers; shamans & medicine people; priestesses; monks; past life regression facilitators; authors; plant medicine spirits including Mama Ayahuasca, mushroom teachers, and sacred cannabis; and mother nature herself.

In 2022, she surrendered and walked away from her career and the life she knew in New York City.

Her first book, a travel adventure memoir showcasing her epic trip around the world and her discoveries of the secrets of the universe through her ayahuasca psychedelic ceremonies, is set to come out in 2024.



 Ange Estes

Ange is a Master Life Coach, Metaphysical Sciences PhD student, and the Creator of the upcoming Personal Development AI, Comfortzen. Inspired by the love for her late husband and the vow she made to him during his battle with brain cancer,

Ange channels her resilience and passion into fulfilling her personal mission to make humankind –and the world – a better place. Dedicated to creating transformative experiences, her journey from loss to empowerment serves as a beacon of hope and perseverance, inspiring others to navigate their own paths of growth and fulfillment.



Julie DeLucca-Collins

Julie DeLucca-Collins is a TEDX speaker, podcaster and coach. S
he is also the author of the award winning  #1 best selling book Confident You! Simple Habits to Live the Life You Have Imagined.

As a certified Tiny Habits coach, she helps women build the life and business of their dreams.
Julie does this with holistic practices that help them gain self confidence and create an impact in the world.

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Event Details

Date: 17 May 2024

Start time: 11:30 a.m. AEST

End time: 12:30 p.m. AEST

Venue: Online

005. Stretching Borders: How Far We Are Willing To Extend Our Future Dreams?


Timezone: /New York, ET
May 16th at 9.30-10.30pm ET

Timezone: Sydney, AEST
May 17th at 11.30am-12.30pm AEST