Sounds of the Soul

This Is Where You Can Move Through The Layers Of Suppression Into Being Your Souls Pure Expression.

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Weekly on a Wednesday
Time: 4.00pm to 5:00pm

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Weekly on a Wednesday
Time: 7.00am to 8:00am

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Sounds of the Soul

As Human Beings, we are all made up of Energy, Frequency & Vibration. ✨🌈✨
Each of these components contributes to our overall well-being and happiness. One way to harness this energy is through the Power of Sound.

Sound has the ability to break down barriers, allowing us to express what we may have suppressed deep within us. When we are able to release built-up emotions, we can connect with our true selves and enjoy a sense of freedom and liberation.

Experience a safe and supportive environment, where you can move through the layers of suppression and enjoy BEing your souls Pure Expression.
Through various forms of sound, you are encouraged to explore different aspects of yourself and embrace your full range of emotions.

When we are in touch with our authentic selves and allow our soul to shine through, we are more likely to experience a sense of peace, happiness, and fulfilment.

A Sound Soul not only dwells within a sound mind and body but also contributes to a healthier and happier community. When we are able to express ourselves fully, we can connect with others on a deeper level and create more meaningful relationships. Additionally, by tapping into our own unique gifts and talents, we can contribute to society in a positive way and make a difference in the world.

Β The Sounds of the Soul Tribe offers a unique and powerful way to connect with your true self and tap into your full range of emotions.
By embracing the Power of Sound, this is how we co-create heaven on Mother Earth coming HOME β€œHeaven on Mother Earth” into our bodies.


HOST: Janaki Mayhil
Janaki is an Agent of Change and an Alchemist of Well-BEing.

She grew up in a yoga family and learned about consciousness from a young age.
Labeled slow, messy, and a good girl, Janaki hid behind a persona of what she thought others wanted her to be.

Through her life experience Janaki has mastered many of her perceived weaknesses, turning them into her great strengths and now empowering others to do the same.
Using her own slowness as a superpower, Janaki encourages slowing down the busy mind, connecting with your innermost BEing and Quantum Speed of Love.
Instead of striving for perfection, she models messiness and helps others accept themselves fully.
Janaki now has agreed to show up fully in her big PLAY β€œPowerful Love Aligns You” and loves empowering others to do the same.

Janaki has moved beyond being a people-pleaser and is now fully committed to her own powerful expression.
She encourages others to shed their personas and embrace their Full Raw True expression , allowing their souls to shine.

WEBSITE: https://www.bhaktilight.com/