Soul Reiki Virtual Energy Healing Session


 Harmonizing Energy Within & Removing Energy Blocks That Can Make You Feel Stuck, Disconnected From Source, and Like You Aren’t Enough.

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Soul Reiki Virtual Energy Healing Session

Soul Reiki utilizes traditional Usui Reiki healing with an additional guided meditation technique that gently supports the client as they enter a deeper level of consciousness, supporting in-depth healing.

Soul Reiki also integrates healing sound frequencies and intentional healing of 13 chakras, instead of the traditional 7.

Soul Reiki also channels the energies of ascended masters/ancient healers, ancestors, angels, and spirit guides of the client who may wish to assist in the healing process.

The journey of health and wellness is lifelong.
It is the reinforcing, supporting, and steady focus on improvement–that creates long lasting change.

It is with great honor, that Soul Reiki presents this offering.

15 Discovery Call – $0.00
50-mins Session – US$120
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Soulara is an empath, Reiki Master Teacher and Oracle, and founder of Soul Reiki™️. She supports the transformation, healing, and expansion of souls by transmuting energy blocks that make them feel like they aren’t E.N.O.U.G.H.
(Exquisite, Notable, One of a kind, Unmatched, Genius, Hero).

Initially, Soulara entered the realm of health and wellness through the conventional door of nursing. She developed a sincere interest in the topic of energy healing, after noticing that her own energy levels were severely being depleted.

She discovered the underlying cause for her energy depletion, and jumped “soul” first into educating herself about empaths and the energetic healing art of Reiki. A generator, by human design, Soulara integrates her intuitive Clair gifts, with intuitive advising—guiding her clients to
“soulistic wellness” ( a multidimensional embodiment that encompasses the spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, and social components of an individual),
🌟 through her private Facebook community
🌟 her YouTube channel—Soul Reiki TV™️,
🌟 virtual and in-person healing sessions,
🌟 curated masterclasses,
🌟 workshops,
🌟 group healing events,
🌟 and her signature program—Soul Worth It!





“My reiki level I and II attunements with Soulara have been incredibly eye opening. I had a complete mind, body and soul. I am constantly finding new things I am learning about myself ever since I started doing the symbols and the precepts. Soulara helped me take my power back and reach in a part of my soul that I honestly thought was lost. I highly recommend her!”
– Supriya Prasad


“POWERFUL, Illuminating, LIFE Changing experience. I’ve had reiki sessions before, but this one was by far the most memorable. I was given feedback that resonated with things in my life she couldn’t have known. She came to my home and I felt comfortable with her right away. The session itself felt like a guided meditation of sorts. She moved energy and I was left feeling lighter after. I was also left with notes, homework, and practical suggestions on ways to ground, guard, and protect my energy. You will not be disappointed, and I fully intend to work with her again in the near future. I’ve seen shifts in my behavior already based on the affirmations she suggested I craft with my spiritual team. One of which is “I allow each moment to remind me of who I am, I am a healer who heals with my words. I am that, I am!”
-Denise Essex