Sophia Soul


From Dependency to Self-Determination

Few people have had the kind of life that Sophia has had and ended up running a worldwide organisation dedicated to the Empowerment of self & others

Having been born with a Genetic Disorder and undergoing about 30 operations due to a genetic disorder, Sophia has faced many challenges in all aspects of her life. From chronic pain, extreme bullying, sexual and emotional abuse and mental health issues that led to suicide attempts. She can honestly say “I have lived through many challenges and have been able to completely transform my life with constant practice and awareness.”

Because of her upbringing, Sophia has always seen things differently to most people in this world.  In wanting to experience a life where she could live in Contentment, Sophia has been on a spiritual journey for as long as she can remember, including practicing meditation for over 30 years, 18 of which were spent living in Meditation and Retreat Centres.

It was during this 30year period, Sophia really discovered what true Self Esteem is: “The state of consciousness where you value your inner self, regardless of whether you are being approved of or respected by others’.

For Sophia, Sound Healing and Breathwork became her way to heal her body, on both the physical and emotional levels, so much that she now lives a life free of pain and drugs.

The power of Positive Thought and Self-Esteem has also completely changed her as a person. Sophia now lives a life that is full of possibilities, she wakes every day and give thanks for being alive. Sophia believes that the power of the mind contains the answers to everything we ever desire.

As Anita Moorjani reminds us: ‘Remember Your Magnificence’


Sophia’s passion is to create a movement of Love, Growth & Connection through Our Sacred Community which is a Worldwide Community dedicated to helping, supporting, and encouraging women and men to fulfil their dreams, desires & purpose. They do this by providing a platform for like-minded people to share their passions, services, classes, courses & events.
Their mission is to Touch Lives Everywhere.


Self-Esteem & Empowerment – 2011
Rebirthing Breathwork International – 2018


 “What a blessing you and your sound bath gave me this morning. It was extremely powerful and I loved it. I loved it when you used your voice and feel you have such a gift with that. At The First point when you started singing in my minds eye my inner child was curled up in a ball and I was soothing her and then your voice came in to do that too and it was so beautiful..I felt so much opening of my heart chakra, at my root and throat. Thank you so much it was truly magical and I will be joining again.

I recommended this event to so many of my Irish and UK friends and I know a few signed up so i hope it’s been prosperous for you too.

Much love and blessings from the UK have a lovely evening.”
– Sarah (London) 

“What a lovely way for me to wake up today 🙏 thank you for this beautiful gift of sound healing!”
–  Rebecca (San Francisco) 

I recently experienced 2 sessions of sound & breath work with Sophia. OMG!!! It was amazing, there really are no words to fully express the experience.
The feeling of Peace & ReConnection was amazing.

The Insight I received was perfect timing.

I highly recommend a session or 2 or 3 with Sophia if the opportunity arises. She is with you all the way, sharing her gentle guidance & support.”

.- Helen McCann (Mackay, QLD)

“Sophia has been facilitating self-respect and self-empowerment courses for many years.  Everyone I ever met recommended her self-respect courses so I went to one which was amazing.  Self-respect is something I think Sophia mastered very young while most of us still struggle with it.  Sophia was my life coach for a year and empowered me to do many of the things I was afraid of and procrastinated about and this resolved a lot of the tension in my life.”  

 – Deborah Redwood (Wollongong, NSW)