008. Selfishness is the Start of Your Journey To Inner Peace

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This series will help you understand the topics at a deeper level so you become empowered to integrate the tips and discussion elements into your day-to-day life.

 Selfishness is the Start of Your Journey To Inner Peace

Sacred U proudly presents a transformative panel discussion titled “Selfishness is the Start of Your Journey To Inner Peace.”

This event brings together a diverse group of speakers who will explore the understanding of “selfishness”

not as a negative trait but as a vital step towards personal growth and inner peace.

Our experts will delve into how prioritizing self-care, setting healthy boundaries,

and honouring one’s needs and desires can be the foundation for a life filled with contentment,

empowerment, and a deeper connection to oneself and others.

Attendees will gain insights into the importance of self-empowerment,

the role of self-esteem in personal development, and practical strategies for integrating self-focused practices into their daily lives.

Join us for an enlightening conversation that challenges conventional perspectives and offers a new pathway to finding peace within.




Kim Neil

For the previous 20 years, Kim has spent his working life as a Relationship Counsellor.
Kim has a Bachelor of Counselling from The University of New England and my passion is studying & understanding the mind and why we think the way we think.

Kim is also the Co-Creator of Sacred U.

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Jo Irwin

Jo is an Emotional and Energetic Empowerment Coach. The creator of “Empower You” and “Finding You – Time” Programs and the “Manifestation Mastermind” Membership program.
Jo is a Co- author in the book series “A Journey to Riches – The gift in Challenges” and a speaker.

A lifelong learner of personal and professional growth and healing, Jo is a Master Practitioner of NLP and Hypnosis, Results coaching (personal and business), Mediation Facilitator and Regression Therapy.

Jo has been in the health & nutrition, wellness, healing, and spiritual arena for over 40 years and has been health coaching for 35. 

She also works with frequencies to support deeper transformational and healing.

Jo’s expertise is empowering those who struggle with anxiety and overwhelm to support them in transforming their lives, into one of passion and purpose so they can manifest their absolute best life!

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Jo is also the Host of the ‘Empowering You To Live Your Best Life‘  Tribe for Sacred U:

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Helen Prince

Helen is a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach who fell in love with Abraham the moment they “met”. The idea that she could create the life of her choosing fascinated her! Initially struggling with manifestation challenges, she now effortlessly lives a life of joy, abundance and ease. Helen’s deep knowing that everything always works out for her, fuels her sense of well-being and she leads a stress-free existence, void of the doubts and fears that once kept her small. Her passion is to empower all women to manifest their dreams and embrace an abundance mindset for an extraordinary life.

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Katerina Lenarcic

Katerina Lenarcic is a skilled mentor whose mission is to help people discover the essential tools needed to navigate their inner world and achieve their daily goals. Her clients establish a profound understanding of themselves and develop a wonderful relationship with their higher selves and spirit guides, resulting in greater clarity and purpose. This helps them understand their shadow and how to unravel it to activate their light codes, which in turn manifests their grandest light of self-love and self-worth.

As a compassionate and skilled mentor, Katerina holds a loving space for her clients on their journey of self-discovery,

empowering them to stand in their power confidently.

After working with Katerina, clients feel lighter, brighter, and more self-assured in their self-awareness.

Katerina is a dedicated space holder who loves to help her clients discover the beautiful outcomes that will bring them to their aha moments.

With over a decade of experience, she has honed her skills to become a full-time business owner. In 2016,

Katerina left her corporate life to become the CEO and founder of Be Your True Self.

Katerina is committed to giving her clients a nurturing and safe place to explore and embrace their humanity with happiness and achievement. She helps them achieve clarity and the ability to connect with their higher selves and navigate their ascension process with greater understanding. What is important to Katerina is ensuring that clients discover all of their hidden treasures to assist them in manifesting positive outcomes in their everyday lives.

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Yo Elam

Yo is a joyful, high-energy, resilient, honest, action taking, never meet a stranger, yolo, life educated, woman.

She is the founder and creator of Be Yo-Self Everyday, an experience that takes high-achieving pre-teens and young adults on a journey  of self-discovery and exploration to prevent them from burning out before adult life even begins by empowering them to become the best version of themselves and live authentically everyday.

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Date: 3 May 2024

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008. Selfishness is the Start of Your Journey To Inner Peace


Timezone: Los Angeles, PT 
May 28th at 6.00-7.00pm PT

Timezone: Sydney, AEST

May 29th at 11.00 am-12.00 pm AEST