Raising Vibrations

“Joining our group on Raising Vibrations provides spiritual support, healing practices, and a community of like-minded individuals for personal growth.”

πŸ’œ ET Timezone

Weekly on a Monday
Time: 4.00am to 5:00am

πŸ’œ AEST Timezone

Weekly on a Monday
Time: 6.00pm to 7:00pm

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Raising Vibrations

In this world of challenging and fast-paced lifestyles are you experiencing Ease, Flow and everything happening FOR you or is life full of struggles with everything seeming to go AGAINST you.

When our energy level or vibration is low, we make mistakes, we experience frustration and we get tired easily.
It seems that the Universe is conspiring against us and nothing can go right.
Is this your Life?

Do you wake up tired and dreading the day?
Are you constantly low on energy and living a ‘ground hog day’?
and there is ‘never enough time’ to do everything you NEED to do.


You wake up to a new day full of vibrancy?
You are able to manifest with ease?
You experience ‘space’ in you life and ‘time seems to slow down & expand’,

Raising Vibrations is a space for everyone to come together with other like-minded people, to Raise their own Vibrations and the Vibrations of the World.

In this Tribe you will find:
🌟 opportunities to connect with other heart-centred people

🌟 manifesting & personal development info,
🌟 inspiration,
🌟 tips,
🌟 encouragement,
🌟 nurturing,
🌟 fun challenges,

to support you to raise & keep your vibration ‘UP’ instead of diluted & down – even in the midst of everyday life!
Please come & join us! Can’t wait to meet you!!


“the infinite aspect of yourself is the way to tap into the limitless Source of creative energy that flows through you.
– Wayne Dyer (Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life)

TRIBE HOST: Sophia Soul

As the Co-Creator of Sacred U, Our Sacred Community, Sophia has a passion and a drive to help any person who wishes to raise their Vibration and the Vibration of the World