Psychic/Medium/ Intuitive and Channeled Readings


Enhance Your Self-Awareness And Assist You In Your Daily Life.

Psychic/Medium/ Intuitive and Channeled Readings

Katerina cordially invites you to join her and the Blue Diamond Celestial Team to receive messages from your own team and soul.
This will help you enhance your self-awareness and assist you in your daily life.


60-minutes session – USD $141.22





Katerina Lenarcic

Meet Katerina, a skilled Spiritual Mediator, Evolutionary Life Coach, and Mentor. She specializes in Reiki, light language, crystal healing, and EFT Tapping, and assists individuals in integrating their spiritual awareness into their daily routines. With guidance from the Blue Diamond Celestial Team, Katerina empowers her clients to embody their higher selves and navigate their journey of ascension. Katerina is a gifted psychic medium that provides a compassionate environment for you and your spirit team to receive messages that will positively impact your life. She possesses the unique ability to access your Akashic records and receive valuable insights regarding the root of any issues you may be experiencing. Additionally, Katerina has a natural talent for communicating with those who have passed and your higher self. Katerina uses her intuition and oracle cards to provide you with personalized guidance, and she can even channel messages using her voice.





🌟 Certified Life coach International Psychic Association Psychic/ Medium/ Intuitive and Channel Reader
🌟 The voice of Archangel Gabriel since 2019
🌟 Life Long experiences and knowledge about Spiritual Guidance and Higher Self Akashic Records



“Katerina’s gifts and abilities go far beyond what I have experienced before. As a healer and reader myself, I find it hard to come across truly heart-centered practitioners who truly walk their talk and give 110%. Katerina is the real deal. Her sessions are incredibly empowering and healing beyond what I’ve ever experienced before. I cannot recommend her enough.”

~Elena P (United Kingdom)

” Katerina is truly a gifted person, she connects really well with you and gives a very accurate reading. When I had my reading done there were a few things that I didn’t think were going to happen! But sure enough, they did, and as soon as they did happen I thought of Katerina straight away. Katerina is a very loving gentle person that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. I Highly recommend it!”

~Brett (NSW)