Power Tarot – 3 Card Reading


Reveal Self-Imposed Limitations & Emotional Clutter For a Better Quality of Life with Simple But Effective Empowerment Techniques.

Power Tarot – 3 Card Reading

 Used for centuries to gain insights into the past, present, and future, Tarot Reading is a powerful tool that can be used to help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your emotions, and your behaviours.

Tarot Readings can aid in spiritual growth & development by providing a deeper connection to one’s intuition & higher self.
Three Card Readings can provide you with a sense of empowerment by offering  a quick answer or guidance and insight into your situation,
which can help you make better decisions and take control of your life.

About John Bell

John Bell

In my late teens I became interested in Jungian psychology and began practising J’nana Buddhism meditation to silence the mind. In my early twenties, I began using Tarot for self-empowerment which introduced me to Numerology, Astrology and Qabalah (Hebrew mysticism).

After a 5-year apprenticeship, I began reading Tarot for family, friends and clients, the accuracy and guidance that afforded these people increased my popularity. I have a thriving business with previous clients, Psychic Expos and online readings.

I use a Question Reading of 3-cards that answers any questions that the client may have.
I also offer a Modified Tree of Life reading with 17-cards that details energy, intellect, emotions and body factors which reveal where the client is now and what needs to be done to actualise a better quality of life.