Pamela Cummins

About Pamela

There was a time when Pamela was miserable and medicated herself with pot, alcohol, and rotten relationships with bad boys.

This changed in 1989 when she watched a close friend’s life change from misery into joy, and thought to herself, I want that.

This journey was not a walk in the park. Pamela stopped medicating herself, healed childhood wounds, learned to transform negative thinking into positive thinking, and changed her unhealthy behaviors into a healthier lifestyle.

Part of this process was done in twelve-step groups and with a therapist, who assisted her to explore her dreams.

Practicing dream analysis enabled her psychic gifts to re-emerge.

Being born under the sign of Libra, Pamela always has been fascinated by and studied relationships, especially love relationships.

Cultivating close relationships with her Higher Source, Angels, and spirit guides has not only made her life easier, but awesome!

She just had to share this way of life with the world…


Pamela’s passion is anything to do with woo-woo, spirituality, and personal growth.

Her yoga practice keeps her flexible in body, mind, and spirit while accepting her limitations and slowly working beyond them.

She loves reading and consumes at least one book a week.

Writing is another passion of hers and she has written articles, blogs, and books. Spending time with the love of her life and her cats is also a purrfect passion of hers.


⭐️Advanced clinical hypnotherapist in 1993

⭐️ Certified in energy work, process-oriented bodywork, body/mind counseling, and massage therapy in 1994

⭐️  Ordained as an interfaith spiritualist minister four days after 9/11, 2001. 

⭐️ Certified Lenormand reader on March 17, 2022.


“Wow! I totally wasn’t expecting a dream interpretation like this. I think you are spot on with your intuition. Thank you so much for the dream interpretation. I am blown away!

– Wendy, CT

I’m very satisfied with your interpretation, and somehow feel a lot of peace right now. All the interpretations make me grow in a different way. I have read your words many times. I feel a great sense of awareness that I know I will use into taking the correct actions within myself to grow and have an even happier life and family that the one I already have.

– Iyael, FL

Working with Pamela has fine-tuned my intuition, which will not only help me make better decisions in life and business but also how to better understand and support my clients. ”

-Martina, Slovenia