Natasha Sharma

About Natasha

Natasha Sharma is a speaker, author, and mentor. She was born and brought up in the United Kingdom. She lives in Mumbai, India with her husband Rrajeev Sharma, and their two feline fur babies Freyja and Isaac. She is a bonus mother to the beautiful Rewa Khare Sharma.


In Human Design she is a Mental Projector with a 3/5 Profile. Created to be a vehicle of wisdom, a guide for the people who need her. Who are ready for her, who recognize her, and invite her into their lives simply for the words she has to share and the questions she will inevitably ask. For she perceives. Natasha means resurrection and her spirit animal shows up alternately as the snake and the turtle. Precious spirits of Earth and of Water. Divine, ancient, feminine powerful energy. She embodies the healing powers of the self, of birth, death, shedding, and rebirth. Of transformation, self-realization, and radical acceptance.


Unsurprisingly, her expertise is guiding people to cure themselves of physical injuries and diseases by exploring the metaphysical connection of the mind-body-soul to the said illness or malcontent. Effortlessly traversing the conscious and subconscious realms for her own growth and that of the people she works with. Holding spaces to alter the Money & Manifestation Mindset and its connection to Self-Worth. She does this with wisdom, divinely blessed insights, sensitivity, love, and above all joy. Nothing gives her more power than the gratitude she experiences through being present to the transformation of others.



Natasha’s Passion is Money and Manifestation and its relationship to self-worth. As each of us levels up and transforms one by one, eventually it will be the whole of humanity. Her mission is to talk about Death – openly and often until it becomes an easy day-to-day dinner table conversation.




⭐️ Natasha is a Clinical Hypnotherapist (2013) with a diploma in Hypnobirthing from KGH, UK (2016).
She is a certified in AstroNumerology (2021) and Pranic Healing (2008).




“I had been suffering from an intense sharp pain in the left hemisphere of my body. It was more like Lava in my veins when it started but gradually it reduced or maybe I got used to it. After the second session with Natasha I was relieved off half the pain, it was Magical and I didn’t know how to thank her. With a few more sessions the pain seemed to be disappearing as though it never existed. It was an AmaXing Experience to have known Natasha and her approach to healing is exceptionally great”
-Om (30, Software Professional, Bangalore)


“I was nursing a running related injury that I received in 2011. Lots of physiotherapy, medication, orthos… but the pain remained. I met Natasha in mid 2016 on some work related to the company I was working for then. After 3 sessions with her, I started slowly running again. A first time experience: it took me to a new level of awareness: that pain is just not an expression of physical injury. It can also be the result of emotional turmoil and unresolved mental conflict. I can never thank my friend Natasha enough”.
-Madhumita (46, Professional)