2. Transform Stress
with Mind-Body Solutions


Timezone: GMT
July 27th at 8.00-9.15 am

Timezone: AEST
 July 27th at 6.00-7.15pm

2. Transform Stress
with Mind-Body Solutions

In our fast-paced world, stress has become a constant adversary, impacting our physical health and mental serenity.
Mastering stress management is not just beneficial; it’s crucial for thriving in both our personal and professional lives.
In this groundbreaking session on “Transform Stress with Mind-Body Solutions” we explore effective strategies to neutralize stress and cultivate a state of enduring calmness.

This Webinar is specifically designed for individuals who are:

⭐️ Navigating continuous stress across personal and professional spheres;
⭐️ Facing anxiety and stress-related challenges;
⭐️ Operating in high-stress environments and seeking resilience;
⭐️ Encountering significant life stressors and desiring peace;
⭐️ Professionals aiding clients in managing stress, anxiety, and burnout.

Open to all seeking to elevate their Wellness and Mental Health, this Webinar will empower you with:

🌟 Deep insights into the physiological responses triggered by stress;
🌟 Comprehensive understanding of stress’s psychological and physical ramifications;
🌟 Explorations of the critical mind-body connection in stress resilience;
🌟 Examination of stress’s negative effects on well-being;
🌟 Practical, immediate tools for stress alleviation and fostering serenity.

Prepare to transform your relationship with stress, leveraging cutting-edge mind-body techniques to unlock a life marked by tranquility and mental clarity.



Olga Chernyavska

Olga offers holistic therapy with a focus on mind-body interconnection for dedicated professionals struggling with anxiety and worries.
With over a decade of experience in the therapeutic field, Olga helped many clients to address their anxiety.
Therapy with Olga will help you understand the causes of your anxiety, identify your anxiety triggers, and find the best ways for you to cope.

Olga also offers talking therapies, where together you will explore what’s happening for you to understand and process your anxiety:
💠 Weekly Counselling and Psychotherapy sessions are about understanding you as a person to address difficulties with the aim of improving your life.
💠 Intensive Counselling and Psychotherapy are your opportunity to make a quicker progress towards the desired healing in one week.

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Email: info@olga-therapy.com

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