Maree’s Mystic & Wellbeing Tarot Readings

Use The Tarot To Delve Into Your Inner Wisdom And Empower You To Make Those Changes Needed To Realign With Your Highest Self.

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Weekly on a Sunday
Time: 5.00am to 6:00am

💜 AEDT Timezone

Weekly on a Monday
Time: 8.00pm to 9:00pm

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Maree’s Mystic & Wellbeing Tarot Readings

🎴The Tarot is a powerful tool that we can use to affect real empowered change to our lives.

It is the key to unlocking our inner wisdom.

It shows you how to make positive changes NOW so you can manifest your goals & your dreams in the future.

Allow me to support you on your spiritual journey, using the tarot to delve into your inner wisdom, empowering you to make those changes needed to realign you with your highest self.

 We can use the Tarot for:

✨Spiritual Guidance

✨Astrology & Numerology

✨ Self-reflection & Meditation

✨ Personal Development

✨Self-care & Journaling

✨Love & Relationships

✨Career & Finance and many more


During the 60 min sessions we will look at:

🎴Tarot card meanings and interpretations

🎴Exploring oracle cards

🎴Engaging in empowered questioning

🎴Incorporating meditation with the Tarot

🎴Utilizing journaling alongside the tarot

🎴Exploring the connection between tarot and astrology

🎴Examining numerology’s relationship with tarot

🎴3 card readings: love & relationship, career, spiritual growth.

Maree-MillarMaree Millar

Maree is an Intuitive Tarot Advisor who specializes in Empowerment and Enlightenment Readings to help people realign with their highest self.

Maree has a diploma in Holistic Counselling & Hypnotherapy, is a Reiki Master, Meditation Facilitator and is studying Reflexology.

Maree’s vison is to empower people to find their own healing capabilities by guiding them to use the modalities that are in alignment with their own beliefs and values.

Maree believes Tarot is a powerful tool and can help us to affect real empowered change in our lives. She specializes in helping you to gain the most out of your readings, she prefers not to focus on “yes/no” questions, timeline questions or questions relating to medical or legal matters.