Lisa DePamphilis

About Lisa

Lisa lives in Northern California with my special needs kitty. She loves nature, animals, people, rocks, water, beauty, joy, laughter, dancing, and serenity. She has been on the path of personal and spiritual growth as far as she can remember. Her mother took her to a psychic fair when she was five. She was hooked on learning more about what she now knows as our multidimensionality.

Her mission in this lifetime is to help people come home to their truth so they can evolve in consciousness, open pathways, shift timelines, and shine the light on their highest possibilities. She has worked with women on branding, marketing, and visibility since 2016. And still love to help her clients with their messaging, and programs and define their ideal audience. From the beginning of 2020 to the end of 2021, she worked with a partner as a Frequency Activator.

They helped clients manifest in the higher dimensions. Since then, Lisa has integrated all she knows into her new signature process called SuperHuman Recalibration and Manifesting. She works with sacred geometry and Light codes to refine crystalline particles within one’s DNA structure. This allows people to clear blocks and energetically rise up to a higher Light frequency so they are free to show up fully expressed.

This process also allows them to cultivate the confidence to share their wisdom and accelerate their results. SuperHuman Recalibration allows people to release old ways of creating, activate their SuperHuman abilities and experience a seamless up level in the unfoldment of their reality.



Lisa loves to make things simple and easy. She’s been on a long journey of coming home to the truth of her own Divinity. She finally reached a point where she feels free to fully express her uniqueness and stand in her truth and am passionate about helping others do the same. She lives her life walking into the unknown with the confidence that she is sourced and supplied. She has always been able to manifest but the process has now been taken to a whole different level.

Working with pure Source energy, sacred geometry and the Diamond Light Council has been fascinating and exciting for Lisa. She’s honored to share the wisdom she has gained along her journey and what’s been brought through me to help others live with more ease and joy.




Lisa has multiple certifications in different energy healing modalities as well as the equivalent of a PhD in metaphysics, business and life.




“As an intuitive, it is so easy for me to see more clearly what other people do than to describe what I do. I am so grateful for my ongoing work with Lisa. She has helped me tune into my market and now every single time I do any marketing, I can tune into them and speak directly to them. I highly recommend working with Lisa, she shaves years off of getting clear on your messaging so you can focus on making the impact you are here to make. She is so easy to work with and I always look forward to my session with her where we create amazing copy as well! Thank you Lisa for all that you do!”
-L. Gornall

“Lisa helped me identify my target audience, craft my messaging, and has been inspirational in moving forward in my business. I worked with Lisa over a year ago and since then we have been in constant contact and she has guided and advised me along the way. If you are a solopreneur that needs clarity on your messaging, I highly recommend working with Lisa.”
-N. Kaur