Laughter Yoga and Meditation Class

Self Awareness Self Compassion Confidence building Relationship building Health and Happiness

Time Zone: AEST Sydney, Australia
Every Friday

Time Zone: PT Los Angeles, USA
Every Thursday
Time: 4:30pm

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Laughter Yoga and Meditation Class

A Complimentary Offer in the Spirit of Service

There are many benefits of daily mindful laughter practice and giving presentations on Laughter therapy, Breath and Meditation to help people to feel good about themselves and others. It helps to break down barriers and builds relationships, confidence, resilience and self-esteem. It also has many health benefits, lifting the mood within minutes.

Sustained laughter and Breath works on 3 levels,
🌟 physical (your hips),
🌟 social (your heart) and
🌟 psychological (your mind)

Also available in:
🌟 1hour to 1.5hr group sessions/workshops to community groups and for business, team meetings, workplace wellness, conferences, retreats, birthdays and weddings.
🌟 Coaching session are available, starting at an hour.
🌟 A Laughter Yoga session can be tailored to the needs of participants or business.
🌟 1 day workshops to train very much needed laughter leaders.

This is a weekly event scheduled every Thursday in the US/Canada and Friday in Australia.





Sharon Stewart

Sharon otherwise known as Shazza or the Witty Nurse is a retired nurse after many years of nursing experience She left school at the age of 16 (after wasting her time) so she was told and “fell” into nursing which took her to many places here and overseas. She has worked in many areas including acute, trauma, surgical, burns unit, aged care and mental health She has seen the worst and the very best in people and has been “both sides of the fence.” surviving a brain tumour and the many risidual side effects.

She has been a coach, mentor, using her skills and knowledge in training volunteers, coaches and also in the workplace Today she spends her time spreading the Joy of Laughter and Joyous Breath in the community, online and in the workplace. As a Laughter Yoga Leader and Trainer she has the opportunity to spread and share the many health benefits of Laughter, Breath and Connection into many sectors.




🌟 Registered nurse (retired)
🌟 Diploma in Bowen Therapy Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and Trainer.
🌟 Diploma in Laughter Therapy.



 “Thank you so much for getting me out of my head”

“Thank you, I am breathing much better now.”

“I highly recommend Sharon in all that she does”