Kathy Dugan

About Kathy

Kathy enjoys many different hobbies.
She knits, crochets, oil paints, does wood work and even does mechanics.
Kathy likes to be busy most of the time.
But most of all Kathy would like to be able to help everyone she meets that has any issues, whether medical, financial or emotional.
She loves to help people.



About 15 years ago Kathy was suffering with severe sciatic issues and trigger finger.
She could not find a doctor that could help her to get rid of these issues.
Kathy began searching online for something that would work and found EFT.
Before she was even trained in EFT, she managed to cure both of her health issues which made her decide to get trained.
So now Kathy wants to help others that are suffering. She also feels that this is her life’s mission.



🌟 Accredited, Certified, Advanced EFT practitioner since February 2015.
🌟 Certified in Energy Phycology since February 2021.




Kathy Dugan is an extraordinarily insightful and highly effective EFT practitioner. When I began working with her, I was somewhat of a skeptic about EFT and tapping, but wasn’t at all sure if tapping would be able to help me specifically. I had so many issues going on. I had been recently diagnosed with cancer, my home was a mess and I was feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. Kathy Dugan listened intently and compassionately to everything I had to say. When we began our tapping sessions, Kathy seemed to be able to organize my thoughts and hear between the lines which brought me a sense of clarity about my own feelings. We would tap until I felt a significant relief from the physical or emotional pain and sometimes I would feel a complete shift in my perception. I began to see big changes in my life. I was able to tackle the mess in my house. I started taking better care of myself and ate healthier foods. My relationship with my son improved. Kathy helped me deal with the pain and fear of my cancer surgery and treatments. She also guided me in how to relieve headaches and side effects of medications. Kathy expertly and lovingly gave me the tools to help myself through my illness and in the future as well. I will always be grateful for all that she taught me and whole-heartedly recommend her service.
– Judy, Long Island, New York


I started looking into tapping about a year ago. I attended part of one tapping summit, but when issues came up I would automatically suppress my feelings. I watched a lot of you tube videos about tapping, but once again, I suppressed my feelings. On a whim I searched for tapping using the Facebook search engine and found Kathy Dugan. She has been a tremendous help to me. I started tapping with Kathy in March of 2015. The experience of tapping with Kathy has taught me how to tap through my negative feelings instead of suppressing them. “I am now able to tap through instead of suppress!” I can now write my book about how I went from being a victim to a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. It’s still much easier to tap through with Kathy than by myself, but I’m getting better! Just today, 7/19/15, my co-workers commented that I seem much happier and relaxed! I’m an RN who is now considering becoming a practitioner in tapping to help my patients, coworkers, and friends.
I can only say positive comments regarding both tapping and Kathy. Together they have helped me overcome my negative feelings and make good decisions.
-Penny, RN from Ohio