Julie Nelson

About Julie

Julie is a proud mama to her gorgeous woman daughter who was her driving force in discovering the world of natural therapies, namely Aromatherapy, back in the late 80’s after her daughter was born with a congenital life-threatening condition and diagnosed with a second life threatening condition at 6 months young.

Their journey together has brought Julie to where she is today, first leading her to completing a Diploma in Clinical Aromatherapy and then working with clients for the past 30 years, opening them up to this incredible new world of astrology, scent and all things magickal.

With a focus and passion in helping women live a full and rich experience in life, Julie helps them explore the exquisite harmony of true natural perfumery, astrology, Moon magick, intention and ritual.

After studying for many years in Astrology and blending her personal experience with her learned knowledge, Julie loves bringing these magickal extensions of ourselves together on a deep and rich level.

Julie is truly passionate about honouring our Mother Earth and the safety of wild and domesticated animals.

She has 5 unicorns AKA mini horses and a beautiful feline familiar all bring her joy, healing and bliss.


Today Julie spends much of her time consulting on all things aligned with natural perfume including scent branding using botanical aromatique extracts, astrology and witchcraft.

Being able to share her passion and knowledge is her absolute delight.

Her inspiration comes from the ascent of women through the ages the world over, the Goddess divine and the symphony of magickal aromas she experiences through her work.

Julie’s greatest joy in business is to work one on one with you, supporting you with your emotional, psychological and physical health and wellbeing using beautiful botanical extracts, Aromatic Medicine, Astrology and all things Magickal.

Julie’s innate nurturing essence allows her to share the gift of being able to hold sacred space for women and support them on their own journey into the feminine and rise unapologetically.

Her magick is creating Bespoke Perfumes for women who are ready to step up into their next level in their business and personal life.

These intentional perfume creations are designed with passion and purpose and act as an extension of the wearer, capturing the essence of her beautiful feminine self and igniting her soul.

As Joseph Campbell once famously said that all humans should “Follow Their Own Bliss” and luckily for us, Julie Nelson is happily doing this every day.


⭐️Diploma in Aromatherapy 1996 

⭐️Natural Beauty and Spa Therapy Cert.4

⭐️Training and Assessment for Adult Education 

⭐️Astrology with Continuing Education Cert.3


“I can’t thank you enough for yesterday’s amazing experience. Your beautiful welcoming energy fills the room and I felt at home the moment I stepped in. Cleopatra would give away all her gold and gems for you to be her perfumer. You did not only guide us with every step towards creating our signature scents, you also shared your extensive knowledge.”
—Diala I.

“I love Julie’s divine perfumes, her passion for sensuous, beautiful aromas and scents is coming through her creations. Each and everyone of them has got its own signature and personality, which Julie is making sure to match yours, and awaken the powerful Goddess inside you. An experience not
—M.Christine. C 

“It has been one week now, since my zoom call and I am still amazed by what was said and how my mind shifted after having a small glimpse on my astrology chart and it’s alignment with my wants. All of a sudden manifesting has become easy, my doubts diminshed and I feel more happiness and confidence I’ve ever felt.”
—Magdalena. E 

“Julie’s Fragrant Oracle Deck is of such high quality, well designed and so well thought out! The cards are not only incredibly stunning, but they FEEL amazing too. The divine texture and unique size of the cards creates such a pleasurable experience not only visually, but sensually as well, and the messages are incredibly powerful too. An absolute must have for any reader.”
—Bethany Loveday 

“Pure luxury, Rich Witch Julie Nelson came for a visit and delivered her beautiful Fragrant Oracle cards. They are truly divine to see and hold. The packaging is gorgeous too.”

—Vanessa Talbot

The Fragrant Oracle deck, loving the Magick and intention infused in them, and excited to create some blends. Thank you, Julie. They’re beautiful!”
—Allision B

I am one of the lucky people that have purchased Julie Nelson’s amazing ‘The Fragrant Oracle’ deck. This deck is so luxurious, classy and sexy! The feel of the cards is unlike any deck I own. The size is a good fit for my hands to shuffle and there is no sticking. The cards come full of amazing energy with gorgeous artwork too! I love to use them to support my own aromatherapy training.
—Kristen Howarth

“Julie, you amazing Enchantress of Perfumes! I have been wearing Luthian all day. The formulation on my skin has changed. It smells like liquid dark chocolate in the bottle, but on my skin today, it is the softest, yet sweetest Angel’s breath of flowers. What sorcery! Thank you again for your work, there’s nothing like it.”

—Stephanie Hall

“The knowledge I gained during that zoom session was so affirming. I can move forward with my business plans with confidence and intention, I was born to do this (it’s written in my natal chart) Thank you again Julie!”

—Becca McChesney