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Sacred Soul Astrology


Ready to consult your emotional body, your feelings, moods, your emotional responses or reactions in your life?

Are you ready to dive deeply into your soul essence and begin to recalibrate your actions, choices, new experiences, and more? From the exact time of your birth, the planetary alignment tells us a story about who you are and who you are destined to become.

Whether you are in need of direction or simply curious, your ‘Sacred Soul Astrology’ reading will be an enlightening and healing experience that will ultimately connect you with the brilliant sparkle that lies within your soul. That brilliance is your birthright which, too often, becomes dulled or shrouded by life’s challenges.

A personalised astrology reading can help you to re-align with your inner sparkle as you embody the full brilliance of your soul’s potential. The stars and planets above are the greatest navigation tools you have and I am here to guide you. Connect more deeply with yourself to be more confident, successful, abundant, and empowered ‘Be in harmony with your emotional intelligence’ Sacred Soul Astrology is where you get to explore your Astrology blueprint to move forward with a clear direction to change your life, grow your business as you harness the power of your essence of being with renewed confidence, empowerment, and self-love!

Included are essential oil recommendations, a personalised mantra, and a sacred (easeful) ritual to practice daily to keep you aligned and empowered.

About Julie Nelson

Hello, I’m Julie, Rich Witch, Botanical Artisan Perfumer, Astrologer, and creator of ‘The Fragrant Oracle’.

The greatest joy in my business is to work one-on-one with you, supporting you with your emotional, psychological, and physical health and well-being using astrology, perfume, and the art of magick. I am here to guide you into being the best version of yourself, to stand in your truth, and to rise unapologetically in your divine femme essence of being.

After studying for many years in Astrology and clinical Aromatherapy and blending my personal experience with my learned knowledge, I have loved bringing these Magickal extensions of ourselves together on a deep and rich level. My inspiration comes from the ascent of women through the ages the world over, the Goddess divine, my own study, and life journey.

View Julie’s Website: https://www.julienelson.com.au/

Session Cost & Available Times (AEDT)

60-minute session AUD$160

11th October
1:00 pm,  3:00 pm, 5:00 pm

12th October
6:00 pm

13th October
1:00 pm, 3:00 pm

14th October

12:00 pm, 2:00 pm, 4:00 pm, 6:00 pm



“I recently had the privilege of receiving an astrology reading from the incredibly gifted Rich Witch, Julie Nelson, during a time of personal crisis… From the moment our session began, it was clear that she was not just an astrologer but also a compassionate and intuitive guide. What truly sets Julie apart is her deep knowledge of astrology and her ability to translate complex celestial patterns into practical, relatable advice. She didn’t just provide a superficial analysis of my birth chart; she delved deep into the nuances, revealing insights about my personality, life path, and the challenges I was facing. Her interpretations were not only accurate but also delivered with an unwavering sense of positivity and empowerment. I left our session feeling equipped with a newfound clarity and a renewed sense of purpose. If you’re seeking profound insights, genuine empathetic support, and a deeply insightful experience, I wholeheartedly recommend Rich Witch Julie Nelson. Her astrology readings are not just readings; they are profound journeys of self-discovery and empowerment. Thank you, Julie!”

– Vashti D’Vyne

“Julie Nelson is a gifted wise woman and astrologer who has given me guidance, inspiration, and clarity in her readings over the years. Her knowledge comes from a place of wisdom and dedication to her craft. I highly recommend Julie.”

– Maria Therase Cucinotta

“I had a Sacred Soul Astrology reading with Julie, and it is the best astrology chart reading I’ve received. With her knowledge and expertise, she found connections in my chart to what I wished to call into my life, and I have been reaping the benefits of those tips and changes ever since. It’s one thing to view and know your chart, and quite another to develop goals guided by the chart. I had so much fun and received so much enrichment. I still am receiving so much enrichment! I recommend this session over and over. Thank you, Julie.”

– Stephanie Hall