Joyita Goswamy

About Joyita

Joyita is a Holistic Healing and Wellness Coach, well-versed in multiple healing modalities, Reiki Grand Master for 23 years, whose mission is to channelize the flow of energy to create a positive difference in people’s lives by using a holistic approach to healing and energizing.

Joyita believes that every human body, every physical space, every mind has the potential to heal itself. She is committed to empowering people to take charge of their own health and use alternative healing to keep the energy channels unobstructed. Her practice is called Healing Miracles and conducts one-to-one consultation and healing sessions.


Joyita is passionate about healing the body-mind-soul. She believes that humans suffer only because they forget that they are separated from the Source, and her endeavour is to use meditation, mindfulness and energy tools to heal and be one with the source.


⭐️ MBA in Operations Management