Jo Anne Irwin

About Jo Anne

Jo is a Meditation and Wellness Retreat Facilitator as well as an Emotional and Energetic Healer and Coach, Speaker and co-Author of ‘A journey of Riches – The gift in Challenges.’

Jo has been a lover and deep diver of personal, professional, spiritual development, alternate healing and nutrition for 38years.

She fell into the path of self-discovery after experiencing deep pain, tragedy, loss and many challenging times as a single mum of 4 young children.

Through her own experience and healing journey she guides and supports others as they go on their own journey of self-discovery and healing.

With a passion for sustainability, a deep connection to Mother Earth and all creatures big and small, a passion for health and wellbeing she loves to grow nutritional healing foods. Co- owner of a sustainable, organic farming practices is where you may find her hanging out on her down time or with her 3 grandchildren, she adores having fun with, connecting to her own fun inner child!


As a result of seeing her own mother’s unnecessary pain and suffering, resulting in her passing away way too young, lit a spark in Jo to not let that happen to another person’s mother if she could help prevent it. From that day on, she declared and devoted herself to healing her own past, and supporting others to do the same so they too can live a life of internal peace, freedom, and ultimate success in all areas. Facilitating lasting change and transformation of unconscious patterns, programming and healing past wounding and trauma so people can shine in all their glory to live their most loved and cherished life!



⭐️Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner 2008

⭐️Neurological Re-patterning Master 2008

⭐️Ericksonian Hypnosis Master 2008

⭐️Results Coach Master (Personal and Business) 2008

⭐️Regression Therapy 1996-2003

⭐️Permaculture Design Certificate 2011

⭐️Sustainable Aid Certificate 2011 Speaker Certification 2013

⭐️Youth Facilitator 2016



“When I first reached out to Jo Anne I was in a place in my illness where I knew my mind and emotions were keeping me from healing. My body was in fight or flight constantly and every emotion triggered my symptoms and would put me in bed. I was not able to cook healthy meals for myself or have the energy to nourish my body with what it needed to heal. I was in a very negative state where it was hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I was stuck and needing help. Fast forward to a month and a half later working with Jo Anne and I can feel my soul again! I am spending most my time out of bed, cooking my own meals, starting to add movement (which it’s been over a year since I could do that). I am happier, my fight or flight has subsided and only come on rare occasion. I am able to see the light and have hope for a complete recovery. I’m able to nourish my body, soul and mind with what it needs. I am healing faster than I thought and am feeling like my old self again. My friends and family are commenting that they can see the joy in me again and my old self is coming back! I finally feel alive and free, and I don’t know where I would be without Jo Anne! She helped me through it all. Her kind and compassionate nature is just what I needed. Her knowledge and techniques to target the true emotions that are blocking my healing worked wonders!!! I am only halfway through and can’t wait to see where I end up in another month and a half. I am thankful beyond words that I found Jo Anne. She gave me my life back!!”

— Keala form USA