Janaki Mayhill

About Janaki

Janaki is a transformative guide known as a quantum activator who empowers individuals to rewrite their stories and live authentically. Passionate about living with purpose and inspiring others, she’s a word wizard, singer, songwriter, and poet. A mother of four and a loving wife, she leads with her heart, advocating for the restoration of love’s power. Her authenticity and fullness of being naturally inspire others to embrace their true selves.

Growing up in a yoga family, Janaki witnessed the interplay of conflict and consciousness. She battled labels and people-pleasing tendencies but ultimately shed her mask, helping others do the same by reconnecting them to their heart space. She’s turned her perceived weaknesses into strengths, empowering others to unlock their superpowers.

Janaki is certified in yoga, coaching, NLP, hypnosis, and the Quantum Time Technique, but her greatest certification is her life experience. She believes in the power of storytelling and aims to restore love’s power by guiding individuals to their divine essence and the truth within their hearts. Janaki’s mission is to help others live authentically, passionately, and in alignment with their highest selves. She encourages everyone to shine their soul’s light and connect to their innermost being, ultimately guiding them back to the “Heaven On Mother Earth” within.


Janaki passionately advocates for restoring power through love. Her very presence inspires others to embrace love’s frequency and energy. She believes in being your truest self and allowing your soul to shine, seeing this as a remedy for depression. Janaki champions the idea of “Powerful Love Aligns You” (PLAY) as a fast track to consciousness. She’s decoded the magic formula: Stay in your PLAY and pave a new way by authentically expressing yourself and letting your soul shine.

As a child, she yearned to return home, feeling out of place on Earth. At six, she vowed to awaken when the world was ready, only to realize later that she awakens, and the world awakens with her. Janaki is passionate about her “I AM Journeys,” which activate inner magic, guiding you to connect with your inner truth and activate your soul blueprint through your heart’s altar. She firmly believes that returning to your body through your heart allows conscious co-creation of “Heaven On Mother Earth” in the present. Janaki’s mission involves restoring distorted beliefs, turning wounds into wisdom, and transforming shame into the sacred.


⭐️ RYT 200 “Registered Yoga Teacher” July 19th, 2008

⭐️ Mastery Systems Life Upgrade Coach Core Training March 22, 2015

⭐️ Facilitators Training Consciouses Language March 2018

⭐️NLP October 2020

⭐️Master Practitioner and coach of NLP, Master Practitioner QTT Quantum Time Technique, Master Practitioner Hypnotherapist – July 20, 2021


“Working with Janaki since November 2022 has been a major game-changer for me! In this very short amount of time, Janaki and I have witnessed quantum leaps and shifts in my life! I’m so thankful to Janaki for being a safe space & helping me heal Ancestral Patterns, mother wounds, and childhood trauma.”

– TaKeshia