Intuitive Readings


Book an Intuitive Reading with Lyndal and Help Explore Some of the Questions That You’re Struggling With Finding the Answers To.

Intuitive Readings

Lyndal has been an intuitive reader for over 30 years, using an eclectic mix of tarot, oracle cards, runes & channeled messages, to help you connect to your guides and I AM presence to find the answers that you need.

Readings are available for 30 mins, 45 mins, and 1hr, depending on your needs and how many questions you have.

Readings are via Zoom or can be in person (by request) in Northwest Sydney, depending on the date and time.


30 mins – $45 USD
45 mins – $60 USD
1 Hour Reading – $75 USD

FOR MEMBERS – Free access to one Your Inner Oracle, Monthly Group Session (website not tribe meeting) for every member who books, pays and attends a 1 hr reading.
(Limited Spots Apply – please check website for monthly topics – https://steppingintome.com.au/your-inner-oracle/
Valued at $15 USD



About Lyndal Schultz

Lyndal Schultz

 Lyndal Schultz

Even as a small child, Lyndal has always had a heightened sense of intuition and knowing. Her spiritual growth has always been, & continues to be, a significant and important part of her life as she combines all the intuitive aspects, spiritual gifts, wisdom, and knowledge within her, to work with and help others empower themselves.

Lyndal is a self-empowered Divine Feminine, who loves and appreciates all experiences in life, both good and bad, for the learning insights, and wisdom they provide. Her readings are connected and on point, and can help you to connect to the answers that are already within you.



🌟 30+ years – Tarot Oracle Readings
🌟 Reiki Master Intuitive Healer Channel Coach & Mentor



“Lyndal is an amazing teacher who cares for her clients, she creates a safe environment to grow and discover yourself and provides insightful information and is a great support. I highly recommend Lyndal as someone to help you guide your way through your own personal journey. Thank you”
-Lyndal Kalpana (NSW, Australia)

“If you are looking for someone who can help you to change your life you need look no further than Lyndal. She is unbelievably intuitive and will help you pinpoint exactly what you need to tweak in order to be the best version of yourself. Some things in life are priceless and working with Lyndal should definitely be listed in that category. You will not leave as the same person you were when you arrived. Lyndal is proof that Earth Angels do exist and she is definitely one of them.”
-Ellen  (NSW, Australia)