Inner Light Activation Call


Align and Activate Your Soul’s Highest Path.

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Inner Light Activation Call

In these 30 minutes together we explore future potentials emanating from your Soul through insight and intuitive guidance.
Book now at no cost to activate and elevate your innate self worth and trust in your abilities so you can begin taking the next steps knowing which direction to start moving in.

30 Discovery Call – $0.00
5 Session Package – $500 USD
Sacred U Member’s Discount 40%



JENNIFER REGULAR is known as a “Soul Illuminator” and is the Creator of Lighting the Path, a company dedicated to helping business leaders, visionary entrepreneurs and conscious organizations make a positive impact in the world.

Jennifer is a Wellness Consultant and Spiritual Guide that specializes in helping you:
1. Learn proven techniques to reduce stress and overwhelm.
2. Implement empowering practices that increase wellbeing, inspiration and creativity.
3. Illuminate your unique purpose and path of positive impact.





🌟 B.A, Honours Psychology 1997
🌟 Shamanic Practitioner since 2006
🌟 Master Integrated Energy Therapist since 2007
🌟 Visionary of the Wake Up and
🌟 Change the World Global Summit- 2023
🌟 Podcast Host Since 2021



“Jennifer is an incredible empathic and talented intuitive guide to the truth of your soul. I am so grateful for her wisdom and the most positive energy she emanates for all those light workers in the world.”
~Daniel John Hanneman


“I have had a number of sessions with Jennifer which I found to be both therapeutic and uplifting. These sessions cleared a number of emotional attitudes and beliefs I have held deep within my being that were inhibiting my connection with my truest desires. After each session she shared valuable insights that gave me concrete direction to immediately apply into my life. I can highly recommend her as a dedicated and compassionate healer. Thank you so much Jennifer!”
~Gwenyth Luptak


“Jennifer has definitely found her purpose! I have had numerous sessions with her and have had some profound insights while under her guidance. I’ll never forget my first time seeing her and how relaxed and focused I became. Thanks Jennifer!”
~Barb Zarnke