Helen Prince

About Helen

Helen is a wife, mum to three teens, and a self-proclaimed yoga junky.

Her journey into personal development started when her children were young – Helen had lost herself and wasn’t being the kind of mum she always wanted to be.

It felt like she was just angry – all the time – and it started to impact her marriage.

Helen realised that if she didn’t do something about it, she would be facing divorce #2 but this time there were children to consider as well, and Helen didn’t want that for any of them.

In her quest to turn things around, Helen stumbled upon the Law of Attraction and was instantly captivated by the idea that we can shape our own reality.

This revelation sparked an unknown passion in her to help other mums who were feeling lost and disconnected.

However, her own battle with low self-esteem initially posed a hurdle in fully embracing this calling.

After finding her “missing piece”, Helen not only regained her self-esteem but also decisively showed it the door, ensuring it would never hold her back again.

For the past 7 years Helen has been helping women to get out of their own way, and not be ruled by their doubts, fears, and insecurities.


Helen’s passion is in helping all women to unequivocally believe in themselves.

Helen firmly believes that when a woman is truly free to be herself and knows her value and worth – without question, it impacts not only her life, but the lives of every single person she interacts with.

Women will change the world but they have to start with themselves first, to be the example, the role model that shows others how to be and also gives them permission to be their best version of themselves too


⭐️ Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach (2015)
⭐️ Creatrix® Transformologist® (2016).