Heidi Henyon

About  Heidi

Heidi facilitates and guide people who are ready to heal from destructive patterns and cycles that cause difficulties in their life.

Holding space for them and guide them as they become their own best friend and see their magnificence and beauty.

When Heidi started her journey to heal from childhood abuse and the behaviors and patterns that were destructive in her life as a result of this, she found little more than talk therapy available. In the 70’s and 80’s that is what she had, and it did help some, but she wanted more than to talk, she wanted to heal.

As a result, she started to explore alternatives to traditional methods. Energy healing, somatic therapy, NLP…she became certified in many of these modalities so she could help others who also wanted more.

What motivates Heidi each day is knowing that we can heal from our past and our addictions quickly, if we are willing to do the intense deep exploration and become our own best friends.

It brings her such joy when seeing people start to see themselves as whole and complete beings. Being able to be their own best friend and to become resilient and joyful.

Heidi has a retreat center in Northern VA, Hide Away Pond. It has been a 30-year dream come true. A wonderful place in nature where people can be nourished and grow. The center is also available for rent with meals provided. In addition to spending time with clients Heidi loves playing on the farm, cooking and being a grandmother.


Heidi is Passionate about Human Consciousness and Evolution. Exploring the inherent wisdom of our bodies and helping us all step into our wholeness, magnificence and become our own best friends.



⭐️NLP Master Practitioner

⭐️Miracle Minded Coach

⭐️Continuum Practitioner

⭐️Body Worker Applied Kinesiology



“Heidi Henyon is an authentic healer who can assist you in awakening to your infinite self. She guides you slowly and gently with softness and love- allowing you to open naturally to the healing flow of your body’s innate rhythms. Heidi helped me release old blockages that had been weighing me down for a very long time. She assisted my body in generating a new pulse of energy that is now flowing beautifully within! She is a pioneer, teacher, author, and healer all rolled into one! I highly recommend Heidi’s work.”

— Lynn Chambers Shamanic Sound Healing 



“In my session with Heidi, I was able to identify and shift many painful core beliefs. With her gentle questions, she guided me to realize that the same stories and circumstances that I once saw as victim stories were actually the source of my greatest strength and resilience.”

— Susy Porter