Feng Shui Success Course

This program teaches you how to use Feng Shui, the study of energy in your environment, to improve your life by creating balanced and harmonious spaces throughout your home and workplace.

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Feng Shui Success Course

The theory behind Feng Shui is that a life force (energy) flows through all things – buildings as well as people. This means you are energetically connected to the environments in which you live and work.
Whether you’re aware of it or not, your environment profoundly impacts all aspects of your life – health, family, relationships, finances, and so on.


When the energy of your home and workspace(s) are healthy and balanced you feel good, and your life flows more smoothly. When it is not healthy and balanced you don’t feel good and are likely to experience greater struggle. A harmonious environment allows more energy to flow through your whole being.


Don’t be distracted or put off by the term Feng Shui. That’s simply a name for the study of the energy in an environment along with ways to improve that energy. This isn’t so much about Feng Shui as it is about energy – your energy, the energy in your environment, and how the two are connected. For example, did you know that the location of your bed affects your relationship? And the position of your desk affects your attention and work performance, which could mean the difference between being promoted or not, or the success level of your business.


This program takes the complex art of Feng Shui and breaks it down into simple steps to improve the energy flow in your home or workplace that are easy to apply.
You’ll learn everything you need to know to transform your home and workplace into balanced and harmonious spaces that nurture and support you and your family.


Your home and workplace can either support you or sabotage you.
When you understand the energy of in these spaces, how it reflects you, and what’s going on in your life and you have the tools to transform that energy,
you’ll have access to one of the most powerful personal growth tools out there.


This program consists of:
🌟 26 short video lessons and assignments, complete with study guides
🌟  Transcripts of all the videos

You won’t need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to hire a Feng Shui Practitioner, this program empowers you with the knowledge to apply Feng Shui to your own home.


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Linda Binns is a renowned Energy Coach and Feng Shui Practitioner with a unique ability to interpret and
unravel the subtle vibrations and energies within and around us.
With a passion for helping individuals tap into their inner potential and harness the unseen forces that shape their lives,
Linda has become a guiding light for those seeking clarity and empowerment.

Her mission is to empower sensitive women professionals and empaths to fulfill their potential and
realize their dreams by accepting and embracing their uniqueness and helping them find what works for
them when nothing else has.





“My home is now a beautiful comforting place for me and as I review my journal over the past year I see a vast improvement in so many parts of my life. Seemingly impossible problems with family members were solved. My financial situation is 100% more favorable and my career is in a transition that I am confident will be favorable.”
~ Debby

“I have to tell you I was a little skeptical at first. I remember thinking, “What difference does it make
where I put things in a room? I’m now a convert. I could never figure out why I didn’t like a traditional desk up against the wall (right now I work on my lap in my family room!), but I learned there’s a reason when I took the Feng Shui Success Course. Desks work best when they are facing the door. I also switched my bedroom from blue to tans and browns. And you know what? I am sleeping better than I ever did in that blue room!”
~ Julie

“My career has earned me much more recognition from peers and supervisors during this past year. I have served as a model for others to learn from. This never happened before in over 20 years in the position. Feng Shui contributed to this increase in visibility for others to gain from.”
~ Bonnie Barnes

“Linda Binns shares her wealth of information and uncanny insight to draw you into the vast world of Feng Shui. As an instructor, she brings out the best in her students by asking them to stretch themselves personally and professionally.”
~ Janet

“Thank you so very much for this program. I have learned so much about myself this past month!!! Even though I was familiar with some of the concepts and ideas, the way you presented them and organized them really helped me! “
~ Shari

“I am so loving this and thank you once again for this course – it’s a real gift as it helps me to shape my life!”
~ Annette