Evolutionary Growth of Self


Establish a Profound Relationship With Your Higher Self, Which Will Bring You Clarity And a Feeling of Greater Purpose to Achieve Your Goals.
Feel Lighter, Brighter, and With The Courage to Stand in Your Own Power of Understanding.

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Evolutionary Growth of Self

Evolutionary Growth of Self

Connecting with your higher self is the key to unlocking the knowledge of your past, present, and future. This process will lead you toward a higher level of consciousness and awareness within your own heart.

Every session you have with me will be unique, as your higher self will communicate to me what is required at that moment.

It is essential to develop your intuitive abilities and establish a strong relationship with your higher self to receive guidance. During our sessions, we will focus on helping you discover your own wisdom and knowledge and learn how to stand in your own power without fear or judgment. We will work on developing a loving connection with your higher self, trusting your intuition, taking care of yourself, identifying toxic ego vs ego, and finding solutions without fear. You will also learn how to observe your life and create positive tools to help you navigate your inner work and accomplish your daily goals.

As your spiritual guide and holding space for you, I have a strong connection to the universe and can tap into the galactic and angelic fields and communicate with your higher self to receive the guidance and information to provide you with a loving space for your evolutionary growth.

I will provide healing, clear any lower or dark entities, and create a safe field of energy during our sessions. You can also reach out to me for support in between sessions. Most importantly, I am dedicated to helping you find the process that works for you and ensuring that you feel safe and comfortable during our time together.

Here are some of the fundamentals of our session that you will work to achieve because it is all about your journey of discovering your own wisdom and knowledge and learning how to stand in your own power without fear and judgment.

⭐️ A loving Higher self-connections . Trust your process with your intuition.
⭐️ Creating a loving relationship with your Soul.
⭐️ Self-Care – tapping into your sense of safety and clarity
⭐️ Shadow work –. Learning how to identify the toxic Ego vs Ego
⭐️ Not denying the negative aspects of our lives but using it to propel us forward
⭐️ How to find solutions without fear – how to calm your mind and view your life through your heart. This takes practice and dedication to self
And More



Katerina is offering you

30-min Discovery call – FREE
90 mins Session – $249 USD
4 sessions – 8 sessions – 12 sessions

If you would like to connect with Katerina to discuss your journey and organize your sessions and payment plan, please use the link provided.
This will take you to her business booking schedule. It’s important to note that this is not a session, but rather a discovery call.



“Working with Katerina has been eye-opening. When I reached out to her, I found I was stuck energetically. As an energy healer, I had been working on myself, but it wasn’t yielding the transformation I needed. After my first session, I felt lighter and open again. It wasn’t until after my second session that I began to realize the transformations that had been taking place that were occuring without me even recognizing them until I was able to some quiet time to reflect. I am so grateful for Katerina’s guidance, patience, and caring. She has taught me to find the time and space for myself, helped me connect to another level, and held a safe space for me to heal and transform to be the best version of myself and to be able to help my clients better than ever before.”

~ Pamela Sonier, Cleveland, Ohio, USA



About The Facilitator

Katerina Lenarcic

Meet Katerina, a skilled Spiritual Mediator, Evolutionary Life Coach, and Mentor. She specializes in Reiki, light language, crystal healing, and EFT Tapping, and assists individuals in integrating their spiritual awareness into their daily routines. With guidance from the Blue Diamond Celestial Team, Katerina empowers her clients to embody their higher selves and navigate their journey of ascension. Katerina is a gifted psychic medium that provides a compassionate environment for you and your spirit team to receive messages that will positively impact your life. She possesses the unique ability to access your Akashic records and receive valuable insights regarding the root of any issues you may be experiencing.