Empowering You To Live Your Best Life

“Empowering You Tribe Is A Safe Space For You To Discover Who You Truly Are, Your Purpose And True Potential To Create The Life You Choose And Love.”

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Weekly on a Tuesday
Time: 6.00pm to 7:00pm

💜 AEST Timezone

Weekly on a Wednesday
Time: 10.00am to 11:00am

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Empowering You To Live Your Best Life

Overcome obstacles, develop skills, pursue your goals with confidence and determination. Take control of your life and reach your full potential.

This Tribe is all about Empowerment! Covering all the Spiritual, Emotional and Physical aspects of your life so you can live to your absolute best!

The Empowering You Tribe is a Safe Space for: ☀️discovering who you truly are, your purpose and true potential to create the life you choose and love. ☀️ your beautiful self to show up and be supported through any struggle or challenge without judgement. ☀️ you to go on a fun journey of self-exploration and discovery. ☀️you to uncover wounds and blocks that stop you from achieving what you want. ☀️ to create your dreams and envision in all you desire.

Learn simple though powerful practices and tools that have transformed so many of my clients lives and will transform yours!

We will be covering topics that so many struggle with on a day-to-day basis and discuss simple solutions to overcome them. ⭐️Balance & Boundaries, ⭐️ Trauma & Emotions, ⭐️ Relationships & Health. Nothing is off the table here and the group will dictate the needs!

 We will be working with 💜 the unconscious mind and tapping into limiting beliefs, disempowering emotions, and patterns of behaviour that keep you stuck. Keeping it fun and light! 💜 the ‘Pillars of Wealth’ for true peace, fulfillment and happiness!


We will focus on the inner work for the outer transformation! Healing from the inside out!

Manifestation in a way that seem too simple to be true! Yes, you do have the Power within! 

I will be supporting the group with Energetic Frequencies to help hold space for deep connection, love, and inclusiveness.

Jo Anne Irwin


HOST: Jo Anne Irwin

Jo is an Emotional and Energetic Healer and Manifestation Coach. She is the creator of “Empower You” and “Finding You – Time” Programs. Co- author in the book series “A Journey to Riches – The gift in Challenges” and a Speaker. Trained in many modalities, she is a Master Practitioner of NLP and Hypnosis, Results coaching (personal and business) and Regression Therapy.

Jo has been in the health & nutrition, wellness, and spiritual world for over 38 years and has been coaching for 35yrs. She also works with frequencies to support deeper transformational and healing.

Jo’s expertise is emotional empowerment and helping those who struggle with anxiety and overwhelm. Most have tried everything and feel exhausted and fed up with not getting the results they want.

Through deep connection, listening she intuitively guides her clients to breakthrough their unconscious programming, patterns, and limiting beliefs. Reprograming their mind for permanent change to attract all the success you want!

Jo Empowers you to live your best life from a place of calm, love, and alignment with the intent of attracting all you desire! She is most passionate about seeing women thrive, contributing and achieving amazing things in the world. 

WEBSITE: https://weightfreemind.com/