Empower You 12-week program!


‘Tackle Your Major Challenges By Experiencing A 90-Minute Breakthrough Session, Including 5 Days Of Frequency Support For Accelerated Transformation, Providing Insight, Clarity, And Lasting Change.’

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Empower You 12-week program!

Empower You 12-week program!

Jo’s “Empower You” signature program is a 12 week 1 on 1 program focused totally on you! Healing emotional and energetic blocks that have been keeping you stuck and stopping you from receiving what you truly want!

Discovering, uncovering and rewire unconscious programming, patterns of behaviour and limiting beliefs that have been running you for so long so you can create all your dreams and desires! Fall in love with you and your life again!

What’s Included:
🌟 12 x 1:1 Sessions (1hr via Zoom per week).
🌟 24/7 access to Jo via Voxer voicemail. Extra chats in between sessions if required.
🌟 Access to all Jo’s resources and extra tools for support.
🌟 Accountability tasks to keep you moving forward.
🌟 A Transformed You!

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15 mins Connect and chat – FREE
12 Weeks session – USD$650.61
Sacred U Members – 20% DISCOUNT

About Jo Irwin


Jo is an Emotional and Energetic Empowerment Coach. The creator of “Empower You” and “Finding You – Time” Programs and Manifestation Mastermind Membership program. Co- author in the book series “A Journey to Riches – The gift in Challenges” and a speaker.

A lifelong learner of many modalities, she is a Master Practitioner of NLP and Hypnosis, Results coaching (personal and business) and Regression Therapy. Jo has been in the health & nutrition, wellness, and spiritual world for over 38 years and has been coaching for 35 of those.

She also works with energetic frequencies to support deeper transformation and healing.

Jo’s expertise is empowering those who struggle with emotions, anxiety and overwhelm to transform their lives into one of passion and purpose so they can manifest their absolute best life.

Jo hosts a tribe in the Sacred U community. “Empowering You to Live Your Best Life!

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     Email:  joanne.irwin@proton.me

Mobile  :  +61411822456


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner 2008
Neurological Re-patterning Master 2008 Ericksonian Hypnosis Master 2008
Results Coach Master (Personal and Business) 2008
Regression Therapy 1996-2003
Permaculture Design Certificate 2011
Sustainable Aid Certificate 2011
Speaker Certification 2013
Youth Facilitator 2016

Client Love

“When I first reached out to Jo Anne I was in a place in my illness where I knew my mind and emotions were keeping me from healing. My body was in fight or flight constantly and every emotion triggered my symptoms and would put me in bed. I was not able to cook healthy meals for myself or have the energy to nourish my body with what it needed to heal. I was in a very negative state where it was hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I was stuck and needing help.

Fast forward to a month and a half later working with Jo Anne and I can feel my soul again! I am spending most my time out of bed, cooking my own meals, starting to add movement (which it’s been over a year since I could do that). I am happier, my fight or flight has subsided and only come on rare occasion. I can see the light and have hope for a complete recovery. I’m able to nourish my body, soul, and mind with what it needs. I am healing faster than I thought and am feeling like my old self again. My friends and family are commenting that they can see the joy in me again and my old self is coming back! I finally feel alive and free, and I don’t know where I would be without Jo Anne! She helps me through it all.

Her kind and compassionate nature is just what I needed. Her knowledge and techniques to target the true emotions that are blocking my healing worked wonders!!! I am only halfway through and can’t wait to see where I end up in another month and a half. I am thankful beyond words that I found Jo Anne. She gave me my life back!!”

– Keala, USA

“Before working with Jo, I was looking for ways to re-energize and renew my sense of purpose. Feelings of frustration, exhaustion, hopelessness, and grief, I knew something had to change and I needed support.
Jo’s reassuring lovely smile and happy bright positivity each week guiding me in ways that took me on a journey of self-exploration and possibilities.
I was able to embrace the idea of renewed positive energies and be open to the possibilities of receiving more from life’s opportunities.
Jo encouraged me to recognise that it is I who must take the reins in my life, and I’ve found new tools and practices that make me feel joy and help centre that feeling.
Within a few weeks I felt a sense of self, that was calmer, I felt less isolated and more supported and nurtured internally. My physical energy had increased, and I reduced 5kg.
Jo primes your mind for success! It’s opened my heart and my eyes to many potential options, and I look forward to being a work in progress!”

— C.D from Qld, Aus

“I cannot recommend Jo’s coaching highly enough. l have benefited immensely from health to career issues!
Jo’s honest and forthright approach has been wonderful for many components of my life from self-esteem to relationship issues and was absolutely magnificent for getting my finances back on track.
Give it a go you will be amazed at the results from just 1 session!”

— Jennie from Brooklyn. NSW, Aus.

“There are no words that can express my eternal gratitude to you for your help in allowing the of self-discovery. You’re a truly amazing women with special gifts beyond textbook learning. I’m truly grateful to have met you. You have changed my whole perspective on everything and my life. I’m so much richer having taken this journey with you! Thank You”

— A. L. from QLD, Aus