Dream Interpretation


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Interpret Your Dreams Understand Your Dream Meanings

Dream Interpretation

Pamela Cummins offers three dream interpretation services:

1. One-hour session with Pamela to interpret your dreams or guidance to help you on your dream interpretation journey.
2. Dream interpretation coaching package for you to learn how to interpret your dreams, teach you how to understand your unique symbols, the different dream categories, and more…
3. In-depth dream interpretation by email will give you several dream meanings, what your symbols mean, and how to use the dream’s wisdom in your life. She does the coaching and a one-hour session through Zoom or phone for those who live in the USA.


$225 USD – per session
$600 USD – 3 Sessions
10% Discount for Sacred U Members




Pamela Cummins

Pamela Cummins

Pamela Cummins had been practicing dream interpretation since the early 90s. She started by interpreting her own dreams, which helped her heal deep childhood wounds. Plus, her psychic abilities reemerged that she had stuffed as a child. She worked with a professional for a few years, then went the self-study route to deepen her dream interpretation practice.

Pamela has been helping clients and students with dream interpretation for decades. She also is an author of books and creator of oracle cards on the topics of dream interpretation, personal growth, and relationships.





🌟  Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist  – 1993.
🌟 Certified in Energy Work, Process-Oriented Bodywork, Body/Mind Counselling, and Massage Therapy – 1994.
🌟 Ordained as an Interfaith Spiritualist Minister – 2001.
🌟 Certified Lenormand Reader – March, 2022.



“Wow! I totally wasn’t expecting a dream interpretation like this. I think you are spot on with your intuition. Thank you so much for the dream interpretation. I am blown away!”
~Wendy, CT

“Wow, Pamela. I am floored. This is incredible. You are truly gifted. I feel like I need weekly check-ins with you. I’m speechless. You are one of a kind. Thank you SO much!”
~Natalie S., Washington, DC