Denise Cambiotti

About Denise

With 25+ years of experience and international qualifications, Denise Cambiotti founded Muscle Tuners International Inc. in 2017 in order to train wellness providers to be masters at releasing pain and increasing physical function.

She provides the Muscle Tuner® Specialist trademark to those who study and proficiently apply her Muscle Tuning™ system.

These individuals rapidly remove stress and pain along with unresolved emotional baggage that affects physical function.

She makes bioenergetic concepts easy to learn and be applied by body therapists, energy workers and fitness trainers. Denise currently mentors customers in four countries.


Denise cannot imagine working in any other career.

Serving individuals by helping them instantly make powerful changes at the physical and emotional levels, she knows she is also helping them move forward on their spiritual path. Teaching and mentoring are her absolute passions.


Denise has a curriculum vitae that encompasses over 2600 hours of specialized training.

She is one of just a few in Canada trained to use muscle-testing to identify very specific areas of stress held in the nervous system as a LEAP Learning Enhancement Acupressure Program Facilitator, 2016

Internationally recognized teaching qualifications include:

⭐️Three levels of the Stress Indicator Point System, 2016

⭐️Sound Essence Holographic workshops, 2015

⭐️International Institute of Applied Physiology: Agape Quest, Tibetan Figure 8’s, Five Houses of Chi, Seven Chi Keys, 2010

⭐️NeuroEnergetic Kinesiology Brain Formatting, 2003

⭐️Touch for Health®, 2001


“Approximately 12 years ago I suffered a right shoulder injury. My doctor stated it was not bad enough for surgery. However, I lived with pain every day of the year. With high skepticism going in for the first session, I found at the end of the session the shoulder felt better than it had in the last 12 plus years. As a result, I had one of the best workouts of my life at the gym. Felt stronger, more balanced and not as sore afterward. Went for the next session. The next day, I woke up pain-free for the first time in 12 plus years on the right shoulder. I had a full range of motion of the shoulder for the first time in 12 plus years. I was able to lift without any discomfort in 12 plus years. The rest of the body also felt the best it has in a very long, long time. Physiotherapy could not help me, acupuncture could not help me, chiropractors could not help me, massage therapy and my own doctor could not help me. Muscle Tuning in two hours did more for my quality of life than anyone else has in the past 12 plus years.”

-Joe da Silva

Rosario had made no significant progress with six months of physiotherapy to restore movement to her left arm. At the end of her first session, she had tears in her eyes as she hugged herself while saying she will finally be able again to hug her children. She arrived for her second session saying she blessed me all week for the pain relief I had provided. At the end of her second session she could hardly believe the increase of range of movement for her shoulder, elbow and wrist, finally able to touch areas of her back she hadn’t been able to touch for many months, all without pain. Rosario is one of many clients who receive much greater results from just a few sessions than they could have dreamed of.