Calm The Overwhelm Coaching



Burnout, Trauma, Anxiety Disorders, Chronic Undiagnosable Illness, PTSD Triggers are ALL stages of OVERWHELM! Calm the Overwhelm offers proven tools designed especially for YOU.


Calm The Overwhelm Coaching

Calm the Overwhelm is an umbrella service offering multiple solutions ideally customized for the person who’s reached their personal anxiety threshold to find the next best steps to taking back control.

Using a combination of life coaching, somatic practices, tools to harness human quantum energy, and modern brain science, every client finds their perfect customized journey out of life chaos into CALM.



60min Discovery Session – FREE
Elite Personal Pro 1:1 Coaching Service 0$- $1500 USD
Divorce Identity Perspectives $0-$1500 USD
Business Charisma Identity $0-$1500 USD
Overwhelm Mastermind Monthly Membership $0 – $1200 USD.
Link to https://overwhelmmasterclasses.com for more details



Overwhelm Strategist, Empath Trainer, Channeler of Angelic Messages, Energy Healer, Published Author, Artist…

Sue Rumack has evolved into the life coach who connects energetically and spiritually with each client to uncover the customized solution to their individual need. Sue is the proven, trained, guided professional on every level who bring CALM into every conversation.

Her clients call just to hear the voice of Sue, the Intuitive Overwhelm Specialist.


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