Business Code Breaker for Soulpreneurs


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 Timezone: PT  Los Angeles, USA
Day: December 6th and 7th
Time: 11:00am or 5:00pm

Timezone: AEDT Sydney Australia
Day: December 7th and 8th
Time: 600am or 12.00pm

Business Code Breaker for Soulpreneurs

Business Code Breaker for Soulpreneurs

Business Code Breaker sessions are a new service where a trained facilitator taps into the hidden potential of any business, reveals hidden issues, emotional blocks, and traumatic imprints, and addresses these concerns. By assessing seven key categories, blind spots are uncovered thereby reducing trial and error activities, and the business owner becomes aligned with their goals.

☀️ At this Masterclass event, you’ll gain understanding of energy anatomy, including meridians, chakras, and the auric field, from a unique perspective that offers fresh insights.

In a short timeframe, you’ll learn powerful techniques that can deliver immediate positive benefits to both you and your business with a repeatable method that you can apply anytime, anywhere.

The event covers themes like intention, vibration, and manifestation, and guides you to experience vibration through your senses in order to infuse personal goals and enhance your business magnificence.

⭐️You’ll learn about working with little-known energy systems such as the Toroidal field and Hologram.

⭐️The event will demonstrate a Business Code Breaker energy reading and offer vibrational remedies to enhance your business potential.

⭐️ At the end of the class, you’ll be offered the opportunity to facilitate this system for others so that you too can provide them with valuable insights and customized vibrational frequencies to boost their businesses.

Facilitators of this system are easily able to provide a customized service that shifts the energy field of the business and its owner by offering the correct vibrational input. This can be offered in person or virtually.

Becoming a Business Code Breaker facilitator allows you to diversify your services, expand your target market, increase revenue, offer services in-person or virtually, and support businesses making a real difference in the world.

**The first step is to experience this for yourself. Please join us by registering today for this 2-day event (1.5 hr per day)**

 Timezone: PT  Los Angeles, USA
Day: December 6th and 7th
Time: 11:00 am or 5:00 pm

Timezone: AEDT Sydney Australia
Day: December 7th and 8th
Time: 600am or 12.00pm

If you are in North America, you may mix / match am and pm options to suit your schedule. Just sign up for either time and know the Zoom link will be the same.
Registration includes video replay.



General $42.00 |
SacredU Members – $37.8 (10% OFF)

General $37.00 | SacredU Members –  $33.33 (10% OFF)




Denise Cambiotti

Denise Cambiotti is highly regarded in the field of holistic health and wellness because of her expertise Muscle Tuning™. She has dedicated her career to making measurable differences in people’s lives by unconventional means. She trains, mentors and empowers those who work in wellness fields to accomplish more with less effort by applying the Muscle Tuning™ system.
She also has a deep appreciation for the world of subtle energy and frequency healing and has significant training in these types of modalities that make profound shifts in her clients lives with ease and grace.