Becoming Your Own Best Friend

“Cultivate A Positive Relationship With Yourself & Develop The Ability To Enjoy Your Own Company.”

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Every Two Weeks
Time: 8.00pm to 9:00pm EDT

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Every Two Weeks
Time: 10.00am to 11:00am AEST

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Becoming Your Own Best Friend

The mission of this Tribe is to become your own Best Friend.

Becoming your own Best Friend will assist in cultivating a positive relationship with yourself, increase self-esteem, improve mental health,
as well as improving your relationships with others and lead a more fulfilling life. You will also develop the ability to enjoy your own company.

This Tribe is a safe and welcoming space for you to explore topics like:
⭐️Why we tend to treat others much better than ourselves? Especially when it comes to our internal dialogue.
⭐️Patterns of behaviours that create drama in our lives
⭐️HOW these truly affect our inner world, health, and body
⭐️How they create our outer world & attract people and situations into it.

Weekly we will explore tools that help you become your own best friend by
⭐️Using journaling and dialogue to discover who is in your head and what they are trying to tell you.
⭐️Ways to interrupt patterns & behaviours as they occur so they don’t cause drama
⭐️ Learn to perceive ourselves and others differently
and so much more.

There will be homework and partnering up in between our gatherings.
This is a community for all of us to transform and evolve by supporting each other.
As we evolve, we can also support new people as they join us over time.
I believe reciprocity is at the heart of our evolution and the evolution of our wonderful planet.
We are here to be in community.



HOST: Heidi Henyon

As a  Trauma Aware Transformational Coach, Heidi’s favourite thing is witnessing her clients heal, become their own best friend, and see their magnificence and beauty.
Using what she learned from her experience healing from extreme childhood abuse & addiction, and 40+ years of study, Heidi creates a space where people can safely and quickly heal from trauma and abuse and thrive in life. When we stop the cycles and patterns in ourselves, we stop them from passing to the next generations.
Heidi is multi-certified in transformational and trauma aware coaching though Avalon Empowerment & Marianne Williamson’s Miracle Minded Coach. A Somatic Practitioner and energy healer. She has 3 Amazon international best-selling books and has collaborated in two more. Sacred Spaces & Stop the Secretes.
At the present time she is loving the community her retreat center in Northern Virginia is creating, spending time with clients one on one and running group workshops.
Heidi also enjoys cooking, being active, spending time with her granddaughter and simply having fun.