The Be.Witching Tribe

Join Us On A Journey That Will Initiate You Into The Mysteries And Pleasures Of All Things Astrology, Magic, Ritual And More.

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The Be.Witching Tribe

Welcome to this enchanting Be.Witching Tribe where I take you on a journey to initiate you into the mysteries and pleasures of all things Astrology, Magick, Ritual and more.

Within this enchanted community, we explore a myriad of captivating topics that empower and uplift::

 πŸ”― Insightful Astrology Updates & Moon Phases
Discover the celestial movements and planetary alignments that shape our lives. Gain profound insights into the cosmic energies influencing your journey and align with the rhythms of the universe.

 πŸ”― Women Rising Unapologetically
Unleash your inner power and embrace your unique gift as we celebrate the rising feminine energy that has been awakening throughout the ages..

 πŸ”― Witchcraft Including Spells and Rituals
Explore the ancient art of witchcraft, spells, and rituals as tools for self-discovery, healing, and manifestation. Uncover the secrets of spellcasting, harness the elements, and awaken your own magickal abilities. Together, we’ll learn the sacred practices that connect us to our intuition and the unseen realms.

πŸ”― Oracle Card Readings using ‘The Fragrant Oracle
and ‘Cosmic Alchemy‘ Cards

Tap into the wisdom of the divine, receive messages and insights that illuminate your path, providing clarity & inspire transformation.

By joining our Be.Witching Tribe, you will gain access to a supportive community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for Astrology, Magick, and Ritual.
You will connect with kindred spirits, fostering deep friendships and a sense of belonging. Engaging in meaningful discussions, exchanging knowledge, and participating in group rituals and ceremonies will enrich your spiritual journey.

Embark on this enchanting journey with us where the mysteries of the cosmos intertwine with the Divine Feminine, and Magick becomes a way of life. Together, we’ll weave spells, honour ancient Astrological traditions, and cultivate a deep sense of Empowerment and Joy.

Welcome to the Be.Witching Tribe, where the stars align, and miracles unfold.

I look forward to journeying through the stars, mother nature’s scented gifts and the realm of Magick with you.


HOST: Julie Nelson
Hello I’m Julie, Rich Witch, Botanical Artisan Perfumer, Astrologer and

creator of ‘The Fragrant Oracle’.

After studying for many years in Astrology and clinical Aromatherapy and blending my personal experience with my learned knowledge, I have loved bringing these Magickal extensions of ourselves together on a deep and rich level.

My inspiration comes from the ascent of women through the ages the world over, the Goddess divine, my own study and life journey.